comin' up on one...

alright, now i just want to say, i was/am still very into getting inside of that bed before 2am just once this week. I know i'm gonna make it man. i just know it, but we're comin' up on one already, so i gotta make this short and sweet.

I didn't update for fifteen days. You guys already figured that one out, but i didn't really think about it other than to realize if i didn't do it right now, while it's on my head to do, then it was gonna have to be another week or so, and then what would have happened?!

Anyway. Thanks for checking back man. I love it when you stick by me, even if i take a second to get my schnikey'zon.

Going back a couple of weeks, you're gonna see RepBall in a rare urban appearance as guests in a city where typically they are the hosts. Dave G. of RB fame was rockin' out with a loose tank as well, so props to the Man Adult for corkin' it up with a tuna melt and sockin' away a couple-o-some-gins in the name of rock and roll.

Kiki stepped up and rolled out straight from Staten Island, (cuz that's how HE rolls) just to get some gins down the hatch.

Then, i went down to check out the life and times of Liz Wade, whom some of you will recall from the rainy sunday post as well as my Cohort and unrequieted muse back in the CalArts days of yore. Very good times down there in Ol' Bawlmo' yes. Unagi. Yellowtail. Burger. art, film, sunlight, low rent, big apartments, and lots of other stuff. Seriously.

(and i'll do it again too.) Weird thing about it though. They keep the grafitti all low profile from what i saw. I mean, there's some street art, and stuff like that, but they sure as fuck ain't taggin' up crackaz door on park avenue. I tell you, i really couldn't get over it. I must be getting old. Next thing you know i'm looking at double-wides in central florida.

Anyway,they had this train you take down there, and it's like, an Amtrak style train, you know, with the seats that have cushions on 'em and a bunch of uppidy-schmuddipiddies (fuddy-duddies to the layman)sitting in the front.

Now, the train? well. That can eatmanards, but the trip was great times. I have to tell you, i took a bunch of pictures of Liz's paintings, and i was gonna post them up here, but the thing is, i didn't ask. now, some folks might say, "dTown, since when do you ASK?" which is exactly my point. I didn't ask, and some how, gut instinct, moon beams, or my unrelenting faith in the almighty lord jesus christ (amen) himself, tells me that i should ask. (again, this feeling that i'm morfing into a man adult is overwhelming)

For a while i thought that it was more to do with running the risk of having to be nice about it and take them down if nobody was supposed to see them, (or not yet at least) and then i'd have to make those censored pages, and remove the pictures, and some people would say, "what about those pictures, you know that time with like, the cops and the guns and the drugs at, you know, so and so's place?" And then i have to explain, and aw man, i tell you. it can just go on and on. So, if she's cool with it, you'll see 'em. And soon. I think she's working on her site or something and wants to like, launch or something. Or maybe it's got nothing to do with it. And why are you so god damned nosey about it all the sudden?

Anyways, other stuff happened too. None the least of which is i bought my self a pair of spanking new Bocas for the trip. Man, these new ones are so fly.

And then, of course there was work stuff, and so this new sort of neighborhood is being discovered with the little fladeedle box, which is cool. But i said, i gotta keep it short, so for now, that's all i'm going to say about it. Oh, and this, so the last picture on this scroll, that's where i work now, and i shot that this morning, so we're even. We're all paid up. I don't have anything newer than that to show you. (except, really, the one that looks like a mathmetical equation that equals loot in the end. that's actually the last image i shot today. So THAT'S like the last payment or whatever. Cheggum out, and then be sure to send me the link to your newly updated site. I mean, come on man, you KNOW it's been more than 15 days for you. (alright ITBK, just watch your lip... I love you, but don't get all smart about it.)

i'm out to CT for the Sideshow monster jam this weekend, so bear with me while i make some more pix.

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