i had a small digital disaster on friday, i mean, friday was great on its own, but all the pictures in today's update are a result of some hoop jumping on this end. All of the images were lost on import, and after a solid round of purchasing stuff like, a new card reader, and some better recovery software, I was able to bring 'em back to earth. There was some corruption, but you know, sometimes that works out. I mean, at first i was thinking that all of these pictures were just plain gone. So i'm cool with a few that have a bit of a color shift or chunks missing. That's better than losing them altogether. (right?)

And on a couple of them i threw Ye Olde Fake Model Filter on, because i thought they would look nice. I'll write more on this update tomorrow when i download the sunday photos and post those, but for now, i'm going to take a nap. It was a very good weekend all around, and i'm grateful to have had such a nice time out there on friday. I walked from RedHook to the Jay Street train station, and then walked from West 18th (around 9th ave) back to RedHook, and it was nice to take my time about it. The photos in today's update are all about last friday.


dTown | listening to Feist | 52˚ and pretty foggy



you know it's funny, when the iron's hot you're supposed to strike, but there are some connectivity issues with the server this morning that are preventing me from putting the photos in here that i'd like to, so i'll just try and do it with words.

On Sunday i got together with my old pal, (Liz, whom i've mentioned before, from the CalArts days...) and we went to brunch and stuff, and after that we were walking toward NoHo and there was this guy standing at the top of the stairway down into the Canal Street stop for the trains, and he was like, holding a coffee and a cellphone, and he had on one of those fucking ridiculous looking bluetooth headsets, and he was unconscious. Kind of sleep-standing, like when you see a heroin addict caught in a K-Hole on Van Blunt street here in RedHook. Their eyes are closed, and they're sort of rocking very gently forward, and more forward and more forward, and then they start to rise again, but it never really happens, and they never really come to. Except this guy, he didn't come off like a junkie, he was fairly tidy, and you know, had all the "high-end" personal electronics, and an umbrella and a nice coat and stuff, so it was strange, and a bit sketch, of course because he was rocking at the top of the steps you know, and people had to get around him, and well it was an accident waiting to happen. So you'll see pictures of him before he went crashing back down the stairs (if in fact it actually happened. I mean, we didn't stick around to be a part of it) for a little wake up call. We went and caught up with JT, and had some drinks over at ACME, which i wasn't all for at first, but like anything, once you get the first one past the lips, it's always easier to get on to the next one.

We decided after a while that a few brown bags of SPARKS would be better, and got the hell out there. I think the goal was to see some art in some galleries, but as you know, they're closed on sundays, so we didn't really do any indoor stuff, except we went to this hardcore electronica gay bar, and stopped in for a visit at that japanese place at the Maritime or whatever you call it, you know that building with the round windows you've been seeing in my posts lately, that little japanese spot downstairs with the wood. And we went to the piers, and watched the mini-gymnasts and the pro-am golf set.

One of my highlights of the day was going around chelsea hunting for all them new Marilyn Minter billboards that have gone up recently. I think they're beautiful, and sexy and cool, and if not timeless, then at least timely, which is really the same thing.

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