yesterday i went over to that part of billyburg where you find the hasidic population in its highest concentration. It was purim, so it's a great time to sample some cookies and some muscat wine and dress up like something, halloweeny if you will. I went as a panda, because i haven't really got a lot of options in costuming that works in the high wind and snappy breezes. It wasn't as social for me somehow, (could have been the panda suit) but in the years past that i have gone, i was able to get right into the thick of it, you know, get into people's homes and onto their party buses, and even get the inside track on the anti-zionist ritual of the burning of the isreali flag in the streets. Some how i didn't make those connections yesterday, though it was still something to be surrounded by little lions and pirates and bunny rabbits and bears.

Another fun time of course is riding the G-Train away from the scene of the purim festivities and back to and through all the other neighborhoods of brooklyn, where folks would and did have no idea why the hell i might have dressed like a panda for the afternoon. But when you get right down to it, who doesn't want to be a panda bear for a day? Seriously.

Now, if you're not especially pleased with my purim photos, don't worry. I'm not either. I was trying some new settings for the camera and also some new settings for the workspace i pull them through before posting. I'm not feeling it, but you know, sometimes you have to branch out, try different things, and let the chips fall where they may. Today i will switch up the CS2 workspaces and stuff like that and see where it takes us.

I hope to have a pleasant surprise or two for tonight's import, let's see how the day pans out. Now, i would write a whole lot more, but i've got to do some tech support for one of my most eager students, amy-lou stein of the McKean house, is giving me the once over for some command keys, it's quite distracting, so i'll follow up with this later.

I hope you have a wonderful day, walk on some sunshine.

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