the todd c-tap

some people don't know, and some people do. I can't say which is which, so i'm just gonna tell it to you straight.

i took a job. I work now. I go to work in the morning, and i come home in the night. It's good. Nice to be back to work. Nice to work with folks that like the way you do it. It's been a while, and one thing i really like about my new job is that folks in there make me feel like i'm appreciated.

Of course experience has shown me that at any moment, it could all be a pile of horse shit, and your "friends" could turn on a dime and blast you in the face, and BAM you're out on your ass. Sure. That could happen. But, knowing that could happen makes it a lot easier up front. So, i guess in that respect, i've come to terms with Mister Bacon's Approach to Effective Management. I learned something. I trust you, (i really do) but, i'm definitely watching my back this time out.

I have a bunch of photos to post, and it was on my list of things to do, to get them up there tonight, but i'm feeling more like getting a good night's sleep and rocking the studio tomorrow instead. I have pretty much edited them down, and to give you a sense of it, i'll let you look at them from the bridge. I think tomorrow night, i'll have the opportunity to get them tuned and in place.

I'm not sure if some of you realize this or not, but i'll tell this to you straight as well. When i do an update, you know, with the pictures and stuff, it takes a minute, because every photograph, no matter how much i like it out of the camera, gets opened, reviewed, and tuned in photoshop. they're not just like, straight from the camera to the site. So you know, you have to consider that when you're looking at them. When it takes me a minute to do an update, it's because you know, i have to open them all and check the curves, the levels, you know, the color balance, all that stuff. you know, like that, and for each one. Which you know, takes a second. And being 11 o'clock already right? that means i hit the hay at like 2 in the morning or something, and then i gotta get up at 6:30 to get my arse out the door, so you know, that's really (in a sense) shooting myself in the foot, which, ain't how i do it. That just ain't how i roll. So here's what you do. I lieu of having a real update today, you just double click on that bridge picture, and look at each little thumbnail on the bridge and say to yourself, "now, tonight, dTown is probably gonna spend like, at least five minutes on each one of these photographs... hmmm... This guy rolls hard. He's been doing all that all this time? Wow. How does he do it?! He's like, a Monster. A fucking Rock God." (and so on)

it'll be good. trust me.

for now? this niggaz be takin' a napski.

love and the like,

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