could have

maybe jumped the gun? i mean, i got the destroyer on board, but i think i feel like, maybe i didn't understand what it does. What the Mobster does. I mean, last night, i was like, i don't know, feeling like it was really all coming together, and though i don't know if it's a coincidence kind of thing, or if it's like a harmony type of thing, but when the mobster is on, the iTunes plays what i want to hear. How it does this, i cannot seem to control or understand.

Another thing that i think is interesting about it is that i don't intuitively understand how to use it properly.Like, i feel like last night when i was fiddling with it, i was listening to a fair amount of good music, and most coming from my library and stuff, which isn't a surprise, but what IS a surprise is that i'm not getting smatterings of bullshit in the middle of my listening experience. I mean, i don't profess to have the king kong library, but it's got like 80 gigs in there, and as you know, somewhere in 80 gigs of music, there's gonna be some turds. Like maybe even as many as say, 15 gigs worth. I mean when you get right down to it, that's a fair amount of turd making its way into your ears.

So, i'll stick with it for a minute, and probably i'll figure out how to do it right when i've got the time to sit and diddle the fiddle a biddle a widdle.

in the meantime, i saw this video today, (if you're a windows media type try this instead)...which you know, caught my attention. I mean, you watch it yourself, and tell me if i'm wrong. It really does something. Causes the ol' nuts to get jealous, because in this video i saw, the folks on deck? they had some big ones.

I mean, a lot of times you see people pulling stunts, and it's great for the ratings and all that, i mean, i remember all the hullaballoo about Mark Ecko's graf party last summer in town, and having the trains and all this, and the stand off with bloomberg about whether or not grafitti was art or vandalism and how glorifying taggers is an act of terrorism and all that, but i gotta say, there was some good shit on them trains. And even after bloomberg lost that battle, folks weren't really grasping the girth and density of Ecko's cajones. I mean, which of you is gonna slap a lawsuit on bloomberg? Or threaten to take HIM to court? Cajones i say. Great big ones.

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