the mob

i mean, ok. so i didn't know. it's like that time when i didn't understand about The Swiffer. I've talked about this household appliance before. Swiffers are like, i don't even know how to say. They're AWESOME. They generate waste, while eliminating waste. I mean, it's a perfect consumer's tool. But the thing is, i was down on the swiffer for a long time. I mean, to me, there was no way around the glory of the good ol' fashioned broom and mop routine. Maybe followed with the hand floor buffing or something. I mean, you couldn't come close. But the swiffer? Na. you just slap one o'they pads up on the swiffer stick, and zooma zoom zoom and a vroom vroom, you just dunnit.

i still remember the first time i realized how much time i had wasted over the years zenning out to the scent of like, murphy's and some fancy wax on the floors. But i was and still am completely blissed to the point of falling down when i am folding the 2/3rds of a swiffer that never get used over the 1/3 that did all the work before tossing it in a plastic trash bag that will never be recycled. It's like, TRUE AMERICAN GLORY in a paperboard box.

Well. Tonight something like that happened again. I mean, it's been around, but what the hell did i know? Nothing. I was hanging around with Finn and Amy, and Amy says she wrote me a thousand letters today, and Finn wants to know about xsfp files, and i know nothing about them at all. Never heard of 'em. They're like, The Swiffer back in the day. I mean, maybe i'd heard of xml files, but xsfp ? Nope. You got me man.

So i went home and googled the shit out of 'em. And in the process i learned about Mobster. I was like, "oh. the swiffer actually DOES kick ass. huh..."

so i downloaded it, and i hit the sync button, and wow. I'm the kind of guy who never takes the time to make playlists, but i get pissed when the ol' iTunes starts playing jack ass crap all over the road in the middle of the tunes i like.

With mobster, it's like, i'm instantly Mr. Cool Playlist. I haven't even made one yet, but i can tell. You can tell because when you press play, all the songs start coming out good.

god bless our big brother. I'm so impressed i can't even think of a photo that could communicate my pleasure in this new found knowledge.

oh, and this too. It works on PC's and stuff, but here's something cool that works native with OSX and iTunes. Like butter on cinnamon raisin toast. And not that crappy ghetto butter neither. I'm talking about the fancy french butter you get in the good spots. Like, this restaurant i used to go to called Spring Street, up there in St. Helena. And not ghetto cinnamon raisin toast either. I'm talking about the fancy Austrian cinnamon raisin toast you get at (insert name of fancy austrian restaurant that say, Marc Boyer would eat at while working on a spy novel at some fancy hotel on some fancy mountain, where they serve austrian cinnamon french toast. you know, the good kind. With like, Hot swedish chicks around.)

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