the nords

tonight was one of those nights when you've got plans, but you sort of forgot, what with all the excitement, i mean, today being a big anniversary day for so many things.

i mean, hitler's birthday. Waco and Janet Reno showdown. The Oklahoma City Bombing. The Columbine Massacre. The day everyone smokes pot for breakfast lunch and dinner...

yar. it was good times. In fact, today was a sort of "going away" or "farewell" dinner party for me and the folks with Ok! magazine and Mister Nicolas. And we ate italian food. We hung around with Juliana. I ate some Groper. We pushed the boundaries of what is what, and some folks even came to the thought that maybe i was not really telling the WHOLE truth, but the thing is, my truth is always whole.

(and speaking of holes...)

The thing is, we drank tequila, and wine, and the ever loving icy pints of the dTown cooler. I tagged some shit, because that's how i roll. I hung around with the ITBK goddess, and her cronies. All foxy and light and good at it. I saw ALS on a bar with bunny ears and spilling out of her blouse, and nobody was having an issue with it, it was more about "where's my dollaz?"

Even dRock came out tonight, and it was a partial Utards reunion as well. I mean, what's not to love? OH, and i met my first Helga. Now, for those of you who don't know, that painting of helga by that guy, Andrew Wyeth, well, it makes me think we're on the same page finally. She was cool.
trying to pull the, "oh, i know you americans only picture helga as the fat viking lady..." Yet, i was thinking more of the painting. Helga, crippled in the grass below the rundown house. that's what i was thinking. But it got us to talking about stuff. (with her? na. but with these other cats) we got to talking about like, "when was the last time you were really embarrassed?" or, "what's your favorite type of dog?" you know stuff like this, but with plenty of fucking Tequila on it. Because if you're going to talk about stuff like that, tequila is what a horse wants.

a donkey horse.

but listen, now it's like three ough three in the morning, and i have to get up at 6:32, which makes it a long day and a short night, so i'm gonna beat it. (not the stuff, the web. that's what i'm gonna beat.)

and besides, i'm still stuck on listening to them darned raconteurs.

so, without further shenaninaynay, i roll.

bueno noches.

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