smoking hash

well. i thought i'd have finished much sooner, but what happened was, i remembered having taken some pictures right? but i was like, "where the hell are those damned things?!" and i went trolling through the library looking for them, but you know, when you delete stuff after importing, and then one day, you don't import, no wait, you don't delete, after importing, it can sort of fuck the scene you (i) have when you've got everything organized by the dates right? so that's what happened. there were some old photos on a card that i hadn't wiped, and in there were the new ones, and you know, they got buried in the masses, but in the end, i found them, and it gives a little pair of nuts to this update, because, i wasn't feeling especially strong about the update until i remembered these other photos, which are the ones i called "some photos i forgot i took" which, i didn't really forget i took them, i just forgot that i had them. And so what i did is, i had it in my mind that i would like, switch up the splash page to reflect that find, but i decided against it right? i mean, what i did was, i just put one of my favorites under the street meat, or whatever that splash image is, and it's god damned FINN trying to get out of the picture. The thing is, the guy's 7 feet tall if he's an inch, and when you get right down to it, you can't hide a 7 foot tall dude if he's right in front of the thing you're taking a picture of, no matter how small he tries to make himself, and it's not a bad thing, it shows he's got a heart of gold. that he's going out of his way to get out of MY way, except the thing is, when i'm out there with the guns-a-blazin' you can't get out of my way, because, I AM the way. And THAT is what makes my photos so god damned astounding. (you're welcome)

That said, i'm going to shove a clump of black hash into my one hitter and then burn it down. And once i've done that, i'll be pulling on the inspiration therein to further this post. I want to be focused and attentive, because what i'm about to say is very important.

(for those of you following along at home, you'll need a pint glass with ICE, TEQUILA and some guava nectar on top. I choose cazadores and guava nectar (goya) because tomorrow, (Monday/mayday) is Nothing Gringo Day You'll need to be listening to The Dresden Dolls, Yes Virginia, and you have to have a medium sized chunk of black hash in your own one-hitter while viewing this post) ...and even then, you're still posing, because i already did it. You're really only chasing the dragon, and you're old enough to know you can't ever catch that dragon. You can chase him all you like, but i mean, i'm already a day ahead of you. I mean, you could be reading this right now, but i already wrote it. (yesterday.) So for me? it's already tomorrow. It's already Nothing Gringo Mang. (insert mental image of yours truly wearing brown bocas and a v-neck cotton t-shirt with the words, "Gringo Power" written in sharpie! across my chest.) Because nothing spawns civil unrest better than the white man tooting his hummer's horn on nothing gringo day.

...Now Sufficiently Tuned.

I'd like to say again, as it's been a while since i've done so. I am GRATEFUL that i bought a kick ass surround sound style stereo with Amp and Subwoofer, and Multiple Speakers back in the summmer for my computer instead of a pair of pinner-assed little computer speakers, because they rock my head when i turn up the volume. (which i appreciate)

Getting back to this Nothing Gringo thing. I was thinking another way to incite civil unrest on mayday, would be, instead of dancing around a maypole with red white and blue crepe paper, all the gringos could have a Nothing Cholo Day. but it would only be two words. Nothingcholo Day (pronounced with a heavy Los Angeles (dialect) mexican-american accent)

So, then, all the Gringos go to the protest sites, and they shout, "Nothing Cholo!" and then all the Cholos shout, "Nothing Gringo!" and so on. It would be really cool. Like that old song by Sly and The Family Stone. You know? Folks just keepin' it real. And then like, Gringo doesn't buy any of the Cholo stuff, and Cholo doesn't buy any of the Gringo stuff, and it's this whole like, big deal for the economy, and Bush and his Cronies throw everyone in jail for domestic, international, and economic terrorism. Ah. the good times are nearly afoot. Guantanamo is going to have to get some more permits for all the construction. (they're going to have a lot of cheap labor, but they still have to allocate the funds. Be sure and see the ticker documenting the Cost of War in the sidebar to get a sense of the budget constraints)

Jumpin Jimminy. Look at the time. I've finally started reading Crossing the Rubicon this weekend, and i have a lot of very heavy reading to do. It's a book i've been meaning to read for a long time, because it wags fingers in a lot of big noses, and i just want to be clear on what folks are saying. It's not as easy reading as say, a comic book, but it's every bit as serious, if not more so.

So i'm gonna scram.

enjoy yourselves today.

be nice to each other.

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