sunday vRain.0

it's a day like one of them ones where you should stay home and read the paper, or a book, or smoke some pot and see a movie, or something like this. it's a type of rain that when it hits you, you are wet. That's really all. I mean, if you're wearing glasses, they get wet too. it's nice though. Smells like spring. you know, you listen to some serge gainsbourg, or some descendents (same thing) and you feel like you're alright. Maybe have a nice soup from somewhere, not so much a bloody mary, but something warm. probably you don't want an iced coffee on a day like today. Somehow swanky teas sound more appropriate, but what the hell do i know? i'm just looking at folk's work on the interweb and running some maintenance scripts and cloning shit at home. But i'm not short on my herbal medicinals, so you know, that's basically the same thing as sleeping in.

i heard there's going to be a 3 hour special Cops! night tonight, and that's got my attention. I saw this comedian clip on the internet earlier, it's not the funniest bit in the world, but i tell you what though, it DID make me laugh. Something about it. I can't say for sure what, but it strikes home some how.

"i mean. You gotta have the days like this or the trees don't get their leaves..."