tomato tomahto

sometimes folks get right the hell up on their uppity horse. their hippity hop. their hoppity doppity, and they don't know always what they're doing when they do it, but that's just how they do it, so they don't know they're doing it any way different than some other chap. So me? i'm a pretty easy going guy. i don't make no waves. i go with the flow. i am one with the flow. i just flow. And so i see this guy, and he's got a nice blouse on, and as you know, i don't mind if i tell a guy if he's got a nice blouse, so long as he knows i like his blouse. but some people, they don't grasp it. they call it something else, (this is the tomato tomahto thing) now, i've never met anyone who called a tomato a tomahto. but i know lots of people who call a nice dress shirt a blouse. So, as you know, and i know, (so we know) a blouse is a blouse is a blouse, no matter what you call it.

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