up periscope

you know, folks are saying to me, when are you gonna update man? when am i gonna get my dTown fix?! When is it? when are you gonna do it? Just write something. Put SOMETHING. and i'm like, well. i want to. but i want to visit with friends too. The result? Liz thinks i died. Silky is sending various chats from time to time, and me? i'm never at the machine. Amy-Lou practically goes into withdrawals, and i KNOW that toddc is like, "dude. i used to believe in you, but now i'm watching wooster collective or fug yourself, instead of dTown..." and i am in some ways sad about it, but you know, it is what it is.

like them buddha guys, you know, the ones that meditate, and talk about walking in peace, or mindful dishwashing and stuff like that, they would say, "this is dTown's period of non-work, which of course will be followed by a period of constant work which is not to say i'm recharging my cells. The images are still being shot. They're on the machine at home, and maybe sunday i'll have the chance to do it. But really, i'm just spending time with friends, and focusing a bit on the work space, making it hotrod and being steady about getting my rest, because if there was one thing i learned in my 6 month hiatus from work it is that burning yourself out for The Man (or kevin bacon) is very very bad for you.

You end up worn out and old. I was taking a break from shaving for a week or two, and now, i see that i have a gray beard. I didn't have a gray beard before, but i have one now. I got TORQUED. and me? i don't want to go for the WHITE one after working here and trying to stay on top of that site too. I'm sure you understand.

but i haven't forgotten you.

i am here. and i will come back.

but, if any of you all have sites, shoot me the link with your latest update. reciprocate man. gimme sum o' that.

dTown | warm, like 65˚ | listening to the BRAND SPANKING NEW eagles of death metal.