brian peppers

sure. snopes him. whatever makes you feel it. i have no idea what made me just think of that guy. maybe it was scott stanton, but you know, i wasn't thinking about stanton until i mentally shouted BRIAN PEPPERS! in my head. But then i thought, "is it Brian Peppers, or is it Harlan Pepper?" and therein you begin to get a grasp of the train of thought. Because once you find yourself shouting Brian Peppers! to yourself, in your head, you're going to think of Scott Stanton. At least, that's what i do. I picture Stanton in a blue, buttoned down shirt, and laying the line out there with the bass cranked up on the ol'voice box. Brian PEPPERS?! yeah. That's how i think it when it happens in my brainium.

So what's happened? Where ya been?! (exactly) today's post is like, where i been. what i been doin'. (like that dude on the TV, people are always saying it in that voice, (not the Brian Peppers voice, more like that Joey voice. You know. the one from TV. The "how yoooo doin' ?!" voice. Circa 2001 style) ...or whenever that was.

I mean, i'm listening to Letters to Cleo, and that reminds me of a time when people would say things like, "did you see friends last night?" when i'd be sipping the ol' morning coffee. So maybe it was like Circa 98. what the hell do i know?

The point is, Today's post has nothing to do with Brian Peppers. Or Joey. Not even Scott Stanton is involved. (except, this friend of mine, Brad, he goes to upstate sometimes on the weekends, and Stanton used to do that too, you know, on the weekends sometimes, so that's kind of like a post that has something to do with Stanton, because that other dude, brad, he's in there, so you see how it's basically the same thing.)

Let's see, there's this little dude that Liz brought up at the front of may, and he's taking it easy on the shuffle. Then there was that big frickin' fire over there in greenpoint. Man, i tell you, i walked out to Van Blunt one morning on the way to work and it looked like the 7 horses of the apocolypse were descending over brooklyn. (well. that's a little dramatic, but the sky was pretty creepy man. It had that sort of Oakland Hills Fire Circa 1991 vibe. Similar you know? except, it wasn't anything like the oakland hills fire. I mean, this one was arson. this one was in a vacant building, and this was a fuck of a lot easier to contain. So really the light in the sky was more like, WTC style (circa 2001) in that there was a giant plume of smoke climbing over the skyline, like one of them tornados you see in the midwest. I guess i'd have to say that a similar sky tone to that of the oakland hills fire, would be that fire they had up in yosemite, or even that one out by point reyes, you know, some years back.

Oh, got to check out Patrick Brennan and his Animal Hand Band which rocked my head and surprised me with the draw. I mean, it's no surprise that with PB front and center with a vintage Guild and a mic in his face, that the place would be crawlin' with dames, but they were coming in the windows. Crazy.

and you know, lots of other stuff. Caroline graduated right? so there was this party, and i went to it, and there was this dude, and he was there too, but he had nothing to do with Caroline's graduation but he's a part of the story... i mean, his deal was like... i don't know what his deal was, but i can tell you this. David, who DID have something to do with the party, he sprays all this champagne on me right? Because i'm a WINNER. right? so i feel like i'm Kyle Petty (or Alan Prost) and he's spraying it all over and i'm filming it right?

And so the bartender, she wants to see the video, but i don't like to chimp, but at the same time i figure, "ah what the hell? i'll look at it right?" So i'm showing her, and this guy, he's trying to pick up on the bartender right? Except he's like, hitting on anything that isn't nailed down. He's out of his brain, and the one he's out of wasn't a very heavy one if you catch my drift... well. i'm showing her the video, and she's laughing and we're engaged and laughing about it, and son of a bitch, if the noodle brain doesn't just up and out of the blue smack my camera right out of hand and onto the pavement! I'm like, "dude. seriously. what are you doing?"

Long story short, he's still got all his teeth, and i didn't go to jail.

So you'll see that in there too. but listen. it's 3 in the morning, and i've got to get ready for sleeping in the bed man. It's windy as hell, and there's thunder, and there's lightening, and it's rainin' like a bastid, which is great if there's a fire, but you know, with the wind and the lightning, well. in some places that's how the fires get started, you know? so it's like, this whole thing. Everything. it just comes full circle.
circle the wagons.
circle of life.
the circle jerks.

like that old movie with steve martin, where he like, puts tuna fish under his armpit or something. or he's like out of work or something. (you know the one)

Not to mention CINCO DE MAYO, which is the birthday of my Uncle Sal, but i didn't know that until like yesterday. But the point is, Hayes Urban was here. And we were doing some Urban Planning out in redhook. Maybe we're going to build a neighborhood. Maybe just buy up some land and put in a car dealership. who knows? the point is, he's in there too. And Dave G. AND Kiki B. So check it out.

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