the interim

this morning i was thinking about that guy, and this other guy that i met the other night. Both of them were like, in my face, and like, when they didn't really need to be.

people like that are i guess how i define a dumbass. So, what i did was, i found a picture or two of the dumbass from the other night, the dumbass that smacked my camera out of my hand because i was showing the video below to the bartender.


what a dumbass.

So, the result was, the next day, the pinnercam could still take pictures, but only at 50 speed, minus two stops, and with the flash on. (set to incandescent white balance)

over the past couple of days, i've been able to get it to some-times shift out of the different modes, but the focus is jacked, and it only focuses when it wants to. This is fine, so i got it out into the rain yesterday to see if that would help.

I think it might.

Anyway. in the interim, ITBK has loaned me their old canon s70 until i sort out my resolutions. I've also got Ye Olde S2 Pro, and that old 3.2 pinner with the wonky static style capture module. So i'll still be doing it you know... taking pictures.

and they'll make their way up to the world wide web.

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