peeps izzz

people are always telling me. they're like, "yo. dTown, what happened? I saw you wrestling with some muscle guy. i saw you tearing it up, and i saw you getting the flippin' skeet skeet, champagne (da da da) on your scene, and so it goes?

but me? i'm like, "listen champ. don't kick my shizznit. don't make my camera fall. just keep it real. because you know, ass, gas, or grass... (yada yada dot org) just do what you do.) and the thing is, there i am, west village, spring time with the broads. Spring time with SPARKS. not sparks lite, but Pro-Sparks dot org, and i'm like, dammit, these keys are sticky.

So tonight was carolyne's graduation party, and me? i'm pissing in the deli-can. i'm drinking sparks pro, on the O-RANGE tip. because that's how i roll.

and there was this dude. he kicked my camera to the street. he and i got into a verbal. a (verble?) scuffle. and i don't go for the verbal. i'm downtempo. I do wheelies.

and there you is. dancing. doing it like i do.

because that's how i do.

(left side)

imagine the high-res.

imagine the scene.

post 911, just lay it down.

pour alcohol on it.

grab a grapefruit.

pour on some tequila.

less chatta.

mo' blatta.

and then Pea, pee pee, in your may howthe.

pee in it.

unload it.

hi-res dishsoap say...