warm it up

memorial day weekend is one of those kind of funny, wierd american holidays that not a lot of the population understands, or what have you. I mean, when you're a kid, it's the day of the like, Little League Parade in small town USA. I mean, the local VFW post is there, marching in their VFW hats with the medals on. There's a color guard. Sometimes there's a 21 gun salute at the statue on the town square, or that stack of canon balls by the old tank or WWII series machine gun in the center of town, but really, it's about the kids in their uniforms.

In new york, i saw some VFW dudes walking around, just a couple of them actually. The skinny old military types, you know, served somewhere between 43 and 46. But really it was like, Mexican's Day or Project Low-Rider-Stereo Day. It was a hot and sticky one too. But lots of cars that go boom. I guess Red Hook is different than New York City in a way. I mean, the buildings are smaller. The Fairway was off the hook this morning. I went down there with dRock to get some cinammon bread to make french toast with. Guess what? They had Duck Bacon. I bought it. I ate it. Duck Bacon. Just think about that. How would a dBLT taste? Exactly. Very pro-style.

I didn't really memorialize anything today, i mean, i did watch Loose Change 2nd Edition again this afternoon. Just to keep me fresh. The density of Crossing the Rubicon is very daunting on a sunday afternoon. No. Wait. it's Monday. But you know? that's exactly what i mean.

So enough about Memorial Day. Let's talk about that scroll. Longest one i've made yet. I didn't even know if it would work to be honest with you, but it does. It covers some ground too. I mean like from the 13th or so to yesterday. There's bits where the pinnercam found her last legs. This goes back to Lacey's birthday party at moonshine, Becca's birthday party here at Ye Olde 120 Dikeman, some shows, like say Finn and Pat over at Sonny's. There's some mother's day shinanigans in there, Oh, here's something, i was trying to retrieve some photos from a microdrive that had died in one of my cameras, and in the middle of the images was a wave of photos from this past winter. I figured hey. It's memorial day. Let's remember the Snow of Yore. Feels good to think about it now as i'm sitting in my chair listening to Kay Starr singing christmas songs in my room which is 100˚ if it's 10. Accuweather is saying it's 85, but you know, 85 at 9:30pm in the city with these clouds, this humidity, i tell you it's a hundred.

Oh, plus there's the TREC party on there too. And some times down to the pier. I tell you, it's nice in the spring and summer and fall in ol' red hook. The weather has been fun to watch and all that jazz too. I thought i'd scroll through the pictures and find one i wanted to comment about, you know, go on a rant or a rave about it, but then i got sidetracked by the ITBK madame, and she and I are battling it out googling shoes. The thing is, i love shoes. always have. I mean, i may not have the best ones on my feet, but i like the good ones. I've got a sense of the good ones built in. Pre-Programmed. I can burn through a shoe store in about 8 minutes. I am pulled right to the good ones like a divining rod, except, if there's nothing in there worth looking at? I'm out. I got no reason to hang around in a shoe store with no good shoes in it. It's usually the wrong music, and they're typically not going to have my size anyway. Shoe stores in new york are really designed for men with size 9 feet or less. I don't know any MEN with size 9 feet. It's strange, but it's the only size they ever have if there's a cool style of shoe on the floor. Everything else has been out of stock for at least 2 weeks.

"well what size are you?"

"well, depending on the maker it's like a 12 or a 13 i'd say"

"Oh, well we do have this other style, which looks nothing like the ones you're interested in, in a size 11. Would you like to try them on?"

and so on.

But i did see a pair or two that i liked out there on the internet tonight. That's easy. I don't have to listen to boring 2 year old club-music and keep getting out of other people's way. I can listen to whatever the heck i want. I can smoke. I can drink a SPARKS and i can shop. And if they don't have my size, they don't make me stand around for a half hour while they check with their other location (or go have a cigarette out back) to see if they have my size up there.

The internet is good like that.

Speaking of the internet, i went back to the old danconnortown model for the site for now, because getting wrapped up in a redesign right now proved to be too consumptive. I'd rather read a book or sit on my stoop for now, but i've got a few ideas i'd like to work with over the summer, so maybe there'll be a little flippedy doody on the site by summer's end.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves.

stay dry.


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