Beeeba Cheebas!!!

Good game, good game everybody... Good hustle out there.

I was thinking this morning when i was putting the post together, how it's the 11th today. The half year mark, and so instead of thinking to myself, "i'm a half year closer to 60" I thought, "let's see now. That's how many YEARS now? I mean, September 11. Let's see... october, november, december, january..."

and i started counting on my fingers, "2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006... So that's like... No. It can't be. Six Years?! Jesus. Kids have been born, grown up and gone off to school to get brainwashed and sold some pepsi-cola by now..."

and then i was like, "wait a minute. You can't count 2001. That's only a few months of 2001 since they started the no-holds-barred search. So, what then? 5 years? I guess it's five years. Five years and 9 months? Wow. I mean that's a while."

somehow i couldn't wrap my head around it. So i counted again. "No. it's got to be less. It can't be 5 years and 9 months. It just can't be. What am i doing wrong here?"

Pack Bowl. Burn it down. Redo the math.

"Okay Okay, let's see. That's.... < GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!! and Omar Bravo gets one past... > alright Mexico! Tear it up!

Ok. where was I? september 2001 to september 2002. that's a year. then 2003, that's 2 years (now we're getting somewhere), 2004, that's 3 years. 2005, okay. that's 4 years. So 2006, that makes 5. Five years. But not until September right? Yes. i think that's right. So 4 years and 9 months then."

But is it really only 4 years and nine months? I mean, Weren't they looking for Osama before that? Sure they were. So, does that search count too? Or is that like a 20 year old going into a bar in the Bible Belt and saying, No, i'm really 21. Because life begins at conception. So, you know, i get an extra 9 months right there..."

Which means, well. Let's see. There's the bombing of the USS Cole, which i guess he was a "person of interest" for, and that was in like 2000. So, i guess i can add a year there. I mean, it was October. So, shave a month, but it was October 12, so i guess that's a month and day, so let's just call it 11 months, to allow for some research and development for the next attack... But, then, wait. No. Didn't he like... wasn't he around for them Embassy Bombings? When was that? Old school right? Like, Ninety Eight i think. Yes. 1998. August 7. Okay. (interesting to note, looks like, from that link anyway, he was wanted in '95 for some bombings in Saudi Arabia, but we won't count those. Saudi Arabia is OFF LIMITS) Hey, Interesting... August 7, September 11, and October 12... I guess those three months are like Terrorist Season. Interesting. Okay. i'll come back to that. But so, then, August 7, 1998 to June 11, 2006. That's how long they've been REALLY looking for this guy.

But that means... No. Come on. EIGHT YEARS? Na. That's a long time for a guy to be wanted. He's like a real live villian then. Like The Penguin. Or, The Riddler. I mean, those guys had a lot of terror activities numerous times and... no wait. Batman would catch them, and then they would escape, and then he'd have to go catch him again. I'm not sure there's a similarity there. And besides, batman was a tv show, and not a reality one. You can tell because they're always doing those swipes and really modern camera angles and stuff, and none of the videos i've seen with "osama" in them look anything like that.

I mean, come to think of it, a lot of the videos i have seen with Osama, even Osama doesn't look anything like that. But see, Here is where i get side tracked.

So, the point is, it's been a while. And i would imagine a very expensive search. Exhaustively expensive. I mean, the war in Iraq alone is already over 287 Billion dollars. (between you and me that ain't Chump Change.) And he ain't even IN Iraq. So you gotta figure they probably spent a few bucks on Afghanistan, I mean, remember all that stuff in the caves and Tora Bora and all that? Plus they had to spend a few bucks on the whole USS Cole thing, i mean, at least enough to make it look good... And the Embassy Bombings, I mean, what? a total of like, (being conservative) Two-Hundred-EIGHTY-EIGHT Billion? Would that be fair? A billion green backs to cover us from 2001 back to 1998 we'll say?

I mean, if it's about the money, i don't see a problem. We seem to have a never ending supply of it. I mean, oil hits sixty plus per barrel, and Hummers are still flying out the windows over here, so i don't think it's a cash flow problem.

What could it be?

Where is this guy? What the hell man? I don't know. I think maybe Bush should have to do one of them Six-Month-Reviews, like the rest of us at our jobs. He seems to be coming up real short on this one. He might should get a warning at least.

Something. I don't know. I've sure lost my job over smaller things.

Puff Puff.
Puff Puff.
Puff Puff...

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