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Man, i tell you. That book, crossing the rubicon, it's a really dense one. My goodness. Every day I read something i didn't know. For example, did you know that the Kean Commission Report on 911 mentioned Tower 7 and its mysterious collapse, exactly ZERO times ? I didn't realize that. I guess i was mixing it up with the FEMA report. I don't know why I keep harping on this topic. I mean, I guess I KNOW why I do. It's like, the entire tempo of the planet earth changed as a result of this one very particular day. An awful lot of people died, I mean, a lot of people. And since then, a hell of a lot more people have died as a direct result of what happened on that one day.

And I guess a whole hell of a lot MORE people are going to die as a direct result of that particular day too. Not just the folks who were down there breathing in the bad air. I mean, God bless 'em, but they're the tip of the iceberg. I mean, all the people in Afghanistan that don't make the news in America, the thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqis who have been killed because Bush said that Saddam was in on the september 11 attacks. The now thousands of American soldiers who have been killed in Bush's "war on terror".

And all because of one event. One day.

Here's another interesting fact. Did you know that we lost more american soldiers in less than one year in Iraq, then we did in the first THREE YEARS of the Vietnam War? I didn't know that. I picked that tidbit up from Max Cleland, who resigned in disgust from the Kean 911 Commission when other members of the commission accepted a "deal" with the government, allowing only "highly limited access" to CIA reports to the white house that may have indicated advance knowledge of the attacks on the part of the Bush Administration.

Now, i know the operative in there is the word MAY. but the point is, You and me? we'll never know. Not even all of the folks lucky enough to be on the commission had the opportunity to see these documents. I mean, how is THAT an independent committee? If they don't even mention Tower 7, and they don't charge a single person with a crime, or negligence or anything at all, and still there are hundreds of unanswered questions surrounding the terrorists, what the government knew before hand, the pentagon, the missing (destroyed) tapes from the airtraffic controllers on duty that day, I mean, it just goes on and on and on, and I'm the crazy one.

Okay. It was an investigation. A MURDER investigation. 2891 homicides. 23 of them are NYPD. 37 of them were Port Authority cops. Now, I thought they had some serious rules about killing cops. I mean, What are the rules if you kill SIXTY cops in one day?! 343 Firemen?! How are they cutting deals with anybody? Seriously. Give us the facts. That's it. No deals. When they don't give up the facts, then the commission should subpeona the facts. SIMPLE.

Okay. If this is a day we're not supposed to forget, A day when everything changed, then why is it that four plus years later, most of us still have no idea what really happened? Why it happened. I mean, how it is possible that it couldn't have been prevented? It's just ridiculous. I mean, there are a HELL OF A LOT OF COINCIDENCES on that day to not require a legitimate, complete, EXPENSIVE investigation here.

It's so frustrating.

Well anyway. There are some pretty pictures for you to look at. What the hell else is there to do? I got that new camera the other day, and these are some more of the first pix from it. Life just going on as usual. Let's just act like nothing happened. Bush is working on getting the bad guys. He's got it all under control. When it's 3000 dead in Iraq, and 3000 dead here at home, we'll still have no answers, because nobody is asking. People would rather label the folks who are doing the research, requesting the documents, talking about it, "conspiracy theorists" like it's some terrible thing. As if being a "Coincidence Theorist" was some how more acceptable.

Sure. There is no video footage of a plane flying into the pentagon. What of it?
Sure, there is no explaination for the collapse of Tower 7, what business is that of yours?
Sure, there were a lot of very curious unexplained stock trades made with United and American Airlines stock in the days before the attacks, what are you trying to say?!

Of course the US was engaged in several war games, some involving Live Fly excercises involving aircraft posing as HiJacked Airliners being used as weapons ON SEPTEMBER 11. It's just a lucky coincidence.

Sure there were no fighter jets around to scramble in time to do anything about the attacks.

Of course flight 93 has a debris field of several miles. I mean, the fucking thing flew STRAIGHT into the ground right?! what did you expect to happen? And don't go sticking your nose in where you shouldn't. So what if the hole was only about 10 feet deep? what are you trying to say? That Todd Beamer is a liar? Are you saying he didn't wanna roll?

Okay. most people know that the US had a plan in place to go into afghanistan to kick some ass before september 11, in fact 2 days before the attacks, the president himself received a 27 page document outlining an invasion strategy for Afghanistan. (probably just a coincidence, i mean, if you've got 19 alleged hijackers from Saudi Arabia, naturally, you go to war in Afghanistan. what are you, retarded?)

Okay okay. Don't get me started. I don't want to freak you out.

Just look at the pretty pictures. Forget what i said. I'm sure everything is fine. Really.

It really is.

It's good. it's good. s'good.

real good.

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