one might think

that i would have a lot to say tonight. I mean, a lot of things have gone on, and surely i've got something to say about it. about them. about things. And i do. I mean, i feel like i do. But the thing is, it's getting later by the moment, and as much as i love to burn that midnight oil, to burn it from both ends, to run strong all night long, I can't do it tonight. I have to prepare myself mentally for that work week. The impending work week. the week of work. the week where i go to my work. the work day. And already it's after 2 in the morning. Already there are only 2 cigarettes left. Already i'm bored of going downstairs to refill my water. Even though, if i go down there, i can fill the glass with water, and mix it with some pomegranite juice, because i have a fairway in my life. Even with that. Even knowing there are tasty peaches. Tasty Plums. Even though i know i could talk about the parade. I could talk about stumbling home from Sunnys. I could talk about having a juicy (if messy) burger at The Pioneer Bar before heading to Sunnys. I could talk about Nacho Libre, or the proms that were going on when i went to the piers. I could tell you again how i've been reading that book, like i've been talking about. I could comment on the new Regina Spektor album, or the old Jets to Brazil record.

I could say a word or two about that chick i found out about on YouTube. The one that is afraid of pickles. I mean, there's a lot to say. I could mention jello shots and sparks and 20 oz. margaritas. I could mention Sweet & Vicious, or the new Vinyl pieces that Faile has been putting up around town. I could go on about Asif's 28th (surprise) birthday party at B-Bar. I could mention Katzy. I could blabber about a lot of things.

But if i do that, then i'll want to add links, and pick photos to stick in between the paragraphs, and before you know it it would be 4 in the morning, and i would still have to think about my work week. my work day. my work ethic. I could mention Laurence and his trip to california, and how he says his kid sister could "drink me under the table" or i could rant about the rage and fury I had coursing through my veins as i walked to the bus stop tonight.

Any one of those topics would be interesting. they would have tidbits that maybe you would find interesting. But the thing is, i might find them interesting too. And then i would just be banging away on this keyboard, huffing down the last of my cigarettes before the sun came up, and then i'd have no cigarettes for the morning, and i'd want to go and get some more before i did anything else in the morning. And that's not how i want to do it. I want to be in the bed with my head on the pillows before three.

So i'm just going to walk away from it.

In the meantime, there's a bunch of new pictures that tell bits of the story by themselves.

Later this week? i'll probably get to the part where i write something down. But i may not mention any of the things i mentioned just now. By then, something else will have happened. And probably i'll want to write about that. Or maybe i'll just write about how i like to start a sentence with the word, "and".

Until then, keep your chins up. Your noses to the wheel. Your hands at ten and two.

good times,

danconnortown | 71˚ and breezy | listening to Morcheeba. Old School style.