organic roast beef

another thing i've been meaning to say about having a FAIRWAY market on my street is that, it doesn't get boring. you can get all up in that shit time and again, and you never come away disappointed. I mean, the meats. The Cheeses. The soups. The sauces. The Chevy Denalis. It's something i just never tire of. I mean, I was in there the other day with my friend shopping, and she says to me, "How can there be so many different choices?"

and i said, "No man. it's more like, 'How did we forget there were so many different choices?'."

I mean, i've always lived where the Fairway was your standard grocery store. But now it's like, the lord himself has come down from the heavens, and his white horse is this big building on the water down deep on Van Blunt.

So me? i get in there. I shop. I try to buy something every day. I like to walk past the bodegas which never ordered my cigarettes, or my Sparks! or my FRESCA in all the years i've lived here. I love to walk by knowing that it hurts them. It's not an eye-for-an-eye kind of thing. They had their chance. And for years, all i did was either A) not eat, or B) eat ghetto sauce on my ghetto pasta.

Now it's my turn.

Now i eat organic roast beef. (delicious with kosher cheese)

I want an avocado? They got 'em. I want a 48oz. bottle of POM? they got it. I want to have a tasty mustard? OH man do they have mustard. They got it stacked to the heavens. There's mustard coming in the windows. It's dribbling down your arms. I mean, i bought strawberry soup for pete's sake. And i tell you what, even if i don't eat it, (which i'm sure i will, but if i didn't...) i don't mind. I know when i go to the fridge, there's some good shit in there. EVERY TIME. It is something i liken to the glory of the lord.

Another thing that happened this week was i got the estimate from Canon about fixing my little pinnercam. Turns out it was cheaper to buy a new one. So, that's what i did. I just got a new one. Same camera, just it's new. I suppose it's like, i have to build in the cost of my lifestyle with every purchase. I mean, you wanna play rough? Your camera's gonna break. That's what happens. So I guess i'm okay with it.

I wanna kick out a big thanks to the folks over at ITBK, Amy in particular, for not taking NO for an answer when she insisted on floating me her S70 to use until i got my camera thing sorted out. For perspective, that's pretty much every shot between May 14 and today. A quick tally tells me that's 2191 photographs that wouldn't have happened without her support. So, you know, THANK YOU! Nice. I was planning to just deal. Not even bother with a camera for a minute.

But apparently that's not how i roll.

Going forward, i was fiddling around with the new one, and i clicked on that "color accent" feature, you know, where you select a color, and the rest of the picture is captured in black and white. So, that's what's going on there.

Today i'm heading down to the water to celebrate Finn and Addie's birthdays. And i think it's going to be some good times. Oh, dTown has been hunting apartments by the way.

You know of any? If it's got one of those ghetto sinks, No Thank You. But if it's got some nice built ins, some room to move around, a place to put a good sized bed that i like to walk around, and it's got some windows in it, and no chicken bones on the floor, i'm interested.

lemme know.

it'd be real cool if it was near my fairway.

You know, my room mate says, "Red Hook is the new black..."

good times,

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