redhook blows up

Lately all i hear is how cool i am now that redhook has been discovered by TimeOut NY (this total poseur rag with severe corporate interests driving the content). I mean, sure it's true. I'm cool. Sure there's a dose of my cool factor that has to do with living in redhook, but the thing is, TimeOut doesn't dictate cool. It never has.

You know, back when i first came to new york city, I went to time out with my book thinking i could do them a favor, since so many of the photos in their sucked. It was one of the worst/best meetings i ever had. The chick totally ripped on my book, and i guess i wasn't in the mood, because i decided to rip on her editing. For a while. She didn't like it. Not one bit. She's all calling security to get me out of there. And i'm like, "ya gut nuts lady. saying my work isn't good enough for your mag, when the only reason i came here was because most of the work in there is so terrible. I honestly thought you could use a little shot in the arm with a dose of the dTown." and so on.I left happy and refreshed. Knowing i stood up for the dudes in the trenches, and called out the editors on their lack of you know, taste. So, for me? seriously. How cool is redhook when TimeOut says it's cool? It ain't cool. I mean, it's cool. but not because they say so. The only thing cool about them saying so is that all the landlords get to hike the rents by another grand. (in an effort to attract family subsidized hipsters to the hook)

The storm's have been brewing and testing all week. Again that bit about how the sky turns green and yellow never seems to get boring, but when you add lightning and world class level-4 thunder to the mix, it's like living in the apocolypse. It's been awesome.

i'm pretty distracted at the moment, so i am going to walk away from it. I just wanted to let you know that i'm here. i'll be back with a more intelligent post after a while.

good times,

dTown | listening to Wolfmother | 69˚ and pleasant.

watching 40'something parents shove their kids around in $400 strollers, packing fairway bags and bad art into their LandRover LR3's. Marveling at how Red Hook is the new Mill Valley.