and now

it has come. The time has come. I am still surprised that today is here. Today is the day before. The "pre-light" day. Who knew it would be today? Amazing.

Today is the day i unplug the computer. Pack it into its little box, and add it to the pile. danconnortown is leaving red hook. The new digs in Ditmas Park are allegedly clean and prepped for occupancy, and on saturday morning, tomorrow, I will find out if it's true, (ready or not, here i come) for better or worse. For richer, for poorer. I really have enjoyed my tenure here in this little seaside hamlet.

You know, i keep meaning to call Time Warner to make sure my cable is up and running when i move in, but you know, it just hasn't worked out. I call, but then something comes up at the studio, so i have to hang up. I tried to call enroute to work a few times, but as fate would have it, the number had mysteriously (or not so mysteriously) disappeared from my phone. (i really do love The Missing Sync for Windows) WHY won't apple just make their god damned cell phone and get it over with, i'll never understand. This business of high end phones not syncing nicely with macs is for the birds.

Anyway, i've got a turtle head pokin' and i don't go for long good byes. Give me a minute, and i'll be back. Hopefully you will too.

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