sunday is

this cute new puppy. fresh out of the clouds of puppy heaven. She's one of them shiba inu types, and though i haven't met her yet, i know she is here. I saw when her parents left for the north to find her and bring her home. I've seen pictures of her chewing on a tennis ball at her new home in Red Hook. So i know she is.

I am hoping i get to meet Sunday today. I think i'll have my chance, i mean, she's got to come out side sometime... And besides? who doesn't want to take a puppy out for a walk? (nobody. That's who.)

the sun has cooled down some, and yesterday, no. wait. The day before yesterday, i took a ride on the Water Taxi, you know, that little boat that goes from Red Hook to town. It wasn't all i had hoped, because as it was, it was running about 45 minutes behind schedule, and then I wasn't allowed to ride on the roof. I mean, the whole point is that you get to ride on the roof. I guess they didn't have enough life preservers. (as though everyone up on the roof was wearing a life preserver... and besides, what difference would it make if the boat flipped over? what about the folks stuck inside? but anyway, that's not the point.) It wasn't all bad. I mean, in the end, you're riding in a boat on the river. It's about a half an hour faster than taking the bus to the train, and if you factor in the 45 minutes it was late, well... it's still nice because you're on the water. And you get a view of the city that you can't get from the C or A train, although, i will admit that the C-Train is really beautiful and affords us all with a view of life that a lot of folks never have the luxury of seeing. Courtesy. Kindness, and above all, Cleanliness.

I woke up a few times on the hour this morning, one time, i thought i must have really over slept. The clock said 2:02, and i really thought it must be 2 in the afternoon. I mean, it wasn't but i really thought it was. And for that moment when i really thought it was, I was asking myself, "now, how could this have really happened?!" But it didn't. And i fell back to sleep.

The next time i woke up it was because there were sirens wailing through the neighborhood. Again and again, more and more sirens. The last time that happened it was because this chick had got hit by this dude, in this truck. And the result was kids marching to and fro in the streets with cardboard signs their parents had painted for them and instructed them to march with. The result of that incident is now it says in big white letters on the street, SCHOOL XING. Ok. that helps. I mean, only this past weekend i got to watch some big SUV's taking over the little grampa caddilacs which were only trying to respect the 25mph speed limit in the hook. You see, the way it works is, You do 55 down Van Brunt. If you don't, you will be passed, over the double yellow, at 55 down Van Brunt. So, painting the SCHOOL XING in the middle of the lane won't make a difference. There's a fellow doing 25mph over it, and if you're doing 55 on the other lane, how are you ever going to see it?

Not my problem. It's fun to watch, and soon enough a big enough incident will happen that somebody will probably get in trouble. What i found was interesting was when this one chick got creamed by that one dude, in that truck, it was not really news fodder. Didn't really make the paper. And when after a lot of brew ha ha happened, it did make the paper, but only to say that it was believed the chick, (who incidentally died as a result of being hit by that dude, in the truck) well... she allegedly had a vial of crack on her, so you know. There's that. And nobody's going to get all up in the air with the flags and the torches and the pitchforks over a chick with a vial of crack getting hit by a dude in a truck.

So. I just thought i'd let you know.

And when i see Sunday, so will you.
I know she's cute. Puppies are like that.

On the cover today you see their parents practicing for when Sunday comes home. You want to pet their little butts if you get a puppy, and sometimes you want to scratch them lightly under their little puppy chins.

welp. have yourselves a nice day.

i'll be going to my job now.

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