up's a daisy

even when it seems like i've disappeared, and i'm not throwing any bones around, i'm really here. My Nana would be the type to worry. She would think, "hmmmm... danny probably got murdered or something, whatever it is, i'm sure it's a horrible fate." And though it's been over 20 years that i've been saying, "Nana! You DON'T have to worry about me. i'm powerfully built. I have amazing resilience. I'm always okay, I really am." She is left with no alternative but to say,"I know danny. I know. But it's my job as The Nana to worry about my babies..."

Well Nana. I know you don't use an internet. And i know you won't see this. But if you did, you'd know. I'm still here. I just, well. I take the pictures. And then i pick the ones i like to look at and i stick them in a folder, i call it my "prep" folder. And sometimes, I don't get back to the prep folder for a minute, you know, where the pictures get resized so they'll fit on your screen without being 20 megs each. I fucking Jam the Curves, so they don't have to look like some german tourist photos that were shot on AUTO in a camera that still has the stickers on the front proclaiming how many times the zoom is capable of zooming. But the thing is, I get tired, (because i'm old now) and i go to bed. And when i get up, sometimes that just happens again. And again. And before you know it, there is the daunting task of adjusting all of those photos, which, as a photographer, it is my responsibility to do. It's not something i can not do. It's something i MUST do. And so from time to time, it becomes a few days, and then it becomes a week, and then there's a hundred pictures to deal with. And then there's 200. And before you know it there's 300. But i say this. (and i stand behind my statement) In the world before digital, you'd never ever ever see them. (the pictures) because, as the box in my closet is proof, there are pictures which i shot as far back as 1996, which have never even been developed. They've never been dealt with. And when i do? Oh imagine the jam on the curves it will take to get them to look even close to what i meant?

But i'm here. There's no need to worry. Really. I'm very powerfully built. I'm resilient.

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