dying to know

I'll bet... You're just dying to know. there in your seat. glued to it. getting bored of checking, but what you don't know is, that i'm dying too. so much going on. Like, i haven't got a computer desk, so my computer is sitting on an end table, and i'm hunched over in my wheelchair with my elbows on my knees, a back ache just beginning after typing only these few words. my wrists already tired from the steep take-off angle required to reach a keyboard situated below my knees... But yes. i have internet. The new home has internet. And i got a new phone too.

and a new phone number. I haven't given cingular the big fuck-off yet, but they're getting it. They got a little fuck-off last week, but they're about to get the big fuck off once i get all settled in here with the new phone. I've already switched to Verizon, got one of them Treos. I got that new 700p. it's a very fly cellphone. For now, i think the cellphone drama has come to a very timely end, and not a moment too soon. When i get a moment to look back through all the photos, i feel like i'll be dumbfounded as to where to begin, what to say about them all. And some of you would say, "why do you have to edit them?" or "why do you have to resize them?" or "i don't care if you don't like the color balance, you know? i just want to see some new pix..."

Well. i hear you. But i don't agree. Like them dudes, you know, the ones from the old days, "they'll serve no wine before it's time..." well. i'm like that. The pictures will come, but on my terms, and it's the only way i can do it.

I can hear Sid saying right now, with that cute little accent of hers... "that little fucker! i've been patient. i've checked again and again with diligence, and this is the thanks i get?! Why I oughtta..." and so on.

Ol' Todd C out there in the (nearly) great white north... "what the fuck happened to that guy? where's my god damned BONE already?!" and The Destroyer, one of my all time favorites, Mister Boyer from the deep south of coast lefterly, "man. i just like the way he does it..." Yes. I get it. I hear you. and still i hear, "where is my HOPE?! where's my god damned HOPE?!" well. it's here. it's all around you. You see a bit of trash on the street, you see something spraypainted on a wall, and you think, "ha! Like ol' connortown it is. that's what that reminds me of..." Or you see a trashed old umbrella, one of the long time unsung heroes of our modern day culture, and you think, "hmmm... that's something ol' dTown would probably take a picture of..." And there my friends, there in lies your hope. Just know that i am here. I am doing it, but with this many photographs, you can't have me hunched over getting aching wrists and a torqued spinal column. I mean, that's just not going to work. It's not how i do it.

And if it's any consolation, i'm sad to have not been able to update either. I think about it every day, just like i think of northern california, or the beaches in Kauai, or the way Kevin Bacon did me wrong, there's not a day i don't think about it. Not a day i don't think about just setting down and muscling through the photos for old time's sake. For the sake of getting something new and refreshing on that front page. Every day it's something. But, as i've said all along, I'm a very busy man.
And when you're busy you can't go too strong on the stuff that isn't going to feel nice on your spinal column. It's not fair. Not to me, and not to you. So I ask again, please be patient. I'm working on it. And just imagine, the update. Oh, it won't be a let down. It's not how i do. I mean, it's been so long, how could it ever be a disappointment? So bear with me. Trust that i'm thinking of you too. (and hey, if you wanted to sport me a kick ass desk with a kick ass chair to sit in, i'd take it, and i'd get right to the task at hand... but as it is, there is no desk. There is no chair. So between that and the other stuff, I have to put the site on hold. Not a hiatus. Not a break, the pictures are still getting took. The thoughts are still maturing. Aging in the pipes. There's plenty more to say and plenty more to share. And i appreciate you.

I appreciate your diligence. (mister paverd) yes. The Plodiver is in my thoughts along with the ones north, south, east and west of here.

I no longer live in Red Hook. That's something. I've moved to a neighborhood with big houses in it. Suburban style, but it's still brooklyn. Just a matter of which side of the tracks you're on... I happen to be on the wrong side of them, but hey. I'm on the right side of the ground. I no longer care for Cingular wireless. And though i never got to tell you, at least not here on the blog, i will say i told you so about Mister Karr, and the whole Jon Benet thing. I told you so the very first day he made the headlines. Of course he didn't do it. But now that's old hat. I think of how many posts i might have made that would seem senseless now, considering the outcome, the shape of history since the original discovery.

But i'm here. I was just taking some photos tonight. I can't wait to show you.

some of them are pretty cool.

thank you for your patience. Your trust. and for believing i'd be back, you are my hope, and i appreciate it.

good times,

dTown 1:34am listening to naught, but a fan blowing gently over the small of my exposed back.