flippin' ho's.

I tell you what, I don't use a laptop very often, and if i do, i'm not one to use one of them 12 inch jobbies, and the reason for that is, i like a full sized keyboard. I like a keyboard that doesn't get in the way of my fingers doing their thing, and i'll tell you something else, my fingers know a thing or two. They're not a gaggle of dumb-asses. So, that's how i feel about that. But, as it turns out, i'm on a laptop. I'm working from a laptop, because i'm broadcasting from a location. I haven't been to the home office much this weekend, and the way it is, i'm working from a 12 inch laptop, because when you get right down to it, at least there's something. Now, i'm not saying i'm going to update the site from a 12 inch laptop. If it were say, a 15 inch laptop, well, i'd consider it, but you know, a man's gotta work with what he's got. And i'm a man, and this is what i've got. So, here's how it is. I'll update the blog. When i get back out to my neck of (trinidad) the brooklyn, i'll update from there.

A few things are going on, first and certainly not the MOST important, but important enough that i'll mention it first, i've just re-read the story, "A Mountain Spelled M-U-R-D-E-R" by that dude, Marc Boyer. The Halcyon. And i tell you what, i read it a few times over the past few days, because i like it, and i just want to say, it's a fucking awesome story, and NO you can't find a copy on amazon. BUT, i will likely scan it and post it as a podcast or something, because to be frank, if i don't have any qualms about jacking the work of SUPERTOUCH, or Banksy for that matter, then what the fuck do i give a hoody about taking a little license with Mister Halcyon? well. if you didn't know, the answer is, i don't. Because i know he's good for it. And it ain't like he won't get the props, and quite frankly, it SHOULD be available on amazon, because it's the fucking good. It's just rocketed it's way to one of my favorite all-time short stories, and i'll tell you something else, that ain't no chicken scratch. So, PROPS to ma' BroHAAM, i tell you what, that kid is alright. He can put a word and another right together, and it comes out good.

What else? oh, i thought today was DOOMSDAY. I mean, there was so much serendipity, so many strange random run ins that i thought it must certainly be my life flashing before my eyes, but you know, that's not what happened. (or at least, not yet) because i'm still here.

and what's this crap about folks saying Bin Laden is dead now? Are you shitting me?! how much Shitwich do we have to eat before someone calls Bush and his media machine out on this SEE ARE AYE PEE ?!!! give me a break. How convenient does this guy's tenure in office have to be?! It's like, if i could be any president, i'd have to be BUSH because this fucking guy is getting away with MURDER, (spelled M-U-R-D-E-R) all day long, every god damned day. (happy jewish new years by the way) I mean, enough already.

But i'm not going to get on that horse tonight. It's not what i'm feeling like doing. I've got so many horses in the stable, that it's just a flat out waste of time to bother with that dumb ass. Sheesh. enough already.

in fact, to be honest, if you don't mind a little honesty in your blogs, i'm really just trying to think of enough things to say to justify all the pictures i'm planning on jamming in here to hold you over until i can get home and update the site for reals, because that's the kind of guy i am. Never once thinking of myself. just giving and giving and giving until it hurts, and believe me, sometimes, it hurts.

Right now? No. it don't hurt. I'm not sleeping on the streets with a 2 liter of DEW, waiting for my ship to come in. In fact, right after seeing that dude, camping out on like Elizabeth street or wherever it was, i went and got myself one of them pastrami sandwiches from 'wichcraft, because i step up.

didn't see any movies, or rock and roll shows, but a couple of things on my hot list are to see that movie with Will Oldham, and check out Semi-Precious-Weapons on the final week of their residency uptown next saturday night. That's my hot list. When i get back to my place, maybe i'll give you the scoop on all of the above.

Until then? Ah. who can say what will happen. It's getting late, (i can't wait, to drive by the bus, and rock my tape) and so on.

you keep your chins up, and i'll make sure them bitches is on point. And you know what else? i got a bunch more pictures, but i don't have anything else i wanna say.... what to do? I'm gonna have to make you wait i guess. But you know, i appreciate your patience.


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