workbook *updated 910

today was alright. Had to hang around the apartment while ol' Jimmy got in there (the bathroom) to "grout aroun' in theya" I guess my shower was causing a little flood downstairs. I took a monkey bath this morning, with an ikea sauce pan. Very high end. (Danish. Minus the teak handle) and you know, by the time he was done, between the morning telecommute chat land, and the emails and so on, my spinal column was pretty pissed off. My goodness was that an aching back. So i had no choice you see? I had to go and find a desk like right that very moment. It couldn't wait a minute more (Civ, circa. 1995) So I went out and bought one.

And the lady she says they can't deliver it until next week. I said that wasn't going to work. So they delivered it in like 20 minutes instead. (that of course, worked) So i've got a place to work now. A desktop, that i don't have to hunch at. It's not an ikea do either. Muthafucka's made outta real muthafuckin' WOOD son. The real shit.


so, my guess is, that by monday next, September 11, in honor of the historical date from which the term "September 11" is derived, will be an update. And a good one. I feel there will be some significance to it. And not just because of the whole september 11 thing either. You know what else?

Well I'll tell you.

Tuesday, September 12 is significant too. Not only is it my old highschool friend (Doctor Jay)'s birthday, but it is also the day that Kevin Bacon fired me out of the blue upon returning from my vacation to Tulum, Mexico. AH! the memories! I tell you, September 11 really does stand out in my mind, but as it has been 5 years, I don't think about it as much, not to say i don't think about it every day, because that would be a lie. I think about September 11 several times a day every day, but the nightmares have finally stopped, and I don't get the anger I used to get as long as i don't dwell on it like i did for the first 3 years, but September 12? My my. I think about that every single day, probably a few times an hour, and still have terrible dreams and thoughts about it at least a few times a week. In fact, sometimes, i'll just be walking along taking pictures, soaking up the sights, and it will hit me again. And i am filled with a rage that is nearly shoving the lid out of the bottle. Bubbling from the bottom with a force that makes even ME nervous, and you know, i don't spook too easy. So yes. On Tuesday, there may not be another update, but it will be a significant day for me. Because it will show that i am no less angry or upset, or sad, or that i feel any less cheated or disappointed in what happened on that sunny afternoon, when my tan was still fresh, and my vacation was still a pleasure in my mind.

Until then, Cheerio everyone. And of course, Pip-Pip.

dTown, sitting topless, fans are on, desk lamp is on, and no music is playing but the buzzing in my ear. 69˚ and moonful out there.

I'm trying to muscle through this edit, and i have to tell you, i'm frightened about it. It's the most overwhelming backlog i've had to date. I will work on it, but i just don't see how i would spend a day like today indoors working on it. I was up until 6 am this morning (sunday) trying to figure out how i would do it so that it's still the way i do, you know, the tonality and all, and wow, it's a lot. And i got to thinking of the 2752 folks who don't get to work on their websites, their blogs, their anything, because they're dead, and then i got to thinking about the fact that by now more american soldiers have been killed in iraq has blown past the number of civilians killed on 911, and so that's like 5ooo, and then you have all the iraqi's and other coalition forces who've been killed, not to mention the ones in afghanistan, and so on. So that kind of took the wind out of my drive. I mean, If you're doing something for the ones who can't, but then you start thinking about how many there are who can't, well, that's the wrong way. So i guess i'm going to try and do it for the ones who CAN, just not right now. Because, i guess because i Can do something else.