That helped. I mean, sometimes you just have to rattle your own cage. That's what i think. I mean, if you don't shake the tree sometimes, you can't get the god damned fruit to fall out of it. I'm not Titus. I can't move mountains. But I wasn't getting anywhere with that stale ol' site and workflow either. So i turned to "made on a mac" mentality for a few minutes, and it seemed to do the trick.

I mean, I won't tell you that i've published A Mountain Spelled M-U-R-D-E-R for web, or in a cute little podcast format for you to read on your iPod steeped train ride in the morning, but i will tell you that it's not something i wouldn't do. Made on a Mac, changed all that. You see, having the ability to completely flip my site on its ass, and STILL only draw you know, maybe 12 or 15 hits a day, is good for the soul. It makes a man feel like there really are bigger things in the world. Things a fellow can do to take a breather from the rat race.

No. I'm not going to tell you that i have been a busy little beaver over here, hammering away in The Bridge, through the 1500 and counting photos i've shot over the past couple weeks, so i can get them up there onto the world wide web for your review. No. I haven't. I haven't even looked at them. But you see? That's the glory of a break from the rat race. This whole business of coming home dog tired to just work work work till you drop on something that is not only a severe waste of time, (of course, with the understanding that if i waste time, it gives others "hope") but more over, it is something of a validation.

danconnortown was here. (and there. and over there as well.) The thing is, when you're me, you already know that you've been to all of those places. In fact, in many cases it was the simple fact of being IN or AT those places that caused me to draw the Pinnercam and fire. Or the 5d, which i've had occasion to do. And you know what makes it cool?


but you know what else? there's stuff happening all of the time. Everywhere you look, there's something going on. And if you make photos, well. You get to show other people. It's like Name Dropping in a way, which is an ego-booster. A confidence builder.

For instance, good ol' brad, whom you've heard of in the past, well. he sent me this link. I think it's great. It's a link to a map, and i guess i haven't explored it fully, but it's very impressive. It gives you a sense of what sorts of things are going on all around you, without having to actually go around you. Which i guess is what my site does. You get to go all around you, without all the going around. (You're welcome) But if you're the one going around, maybe you come to wonder what the hell it is you're missing, while you're in all these other places, and that's where brad comes in. He says, and i agree, that by having this particular MAP, you can see and do all kinds of things, vicariously through (the victims) others (as it were) and you can imagine what it would be like to be there. Or what it would be like if danconnortown was there. (which, i'm sure, so long as i'm rested and fed, it's a pretty good time.)

Now, i'd love to tell you that i could prattle on and on for days about all sorts of shinanigans, but really I can't. I'm reading a book lately, and it's not a very good book, but it's an escape for me. An escape from all the places that i find myself on any given day.

It's a book called Snoggle, by this dude, J.B. Priestley. Now, i'd scan the cover and show it to you, because i can't find any pictures of the cover on the internet, but as it turns out, all my FW ports are being used, and i can't be bothered with the hassle of... you know what? I can. I can most certainly unplug an iPod cable that is plugged in to nothing. THAT is an example of something i CAN do. You see? REAL TIME actions. You're seeing me change my mind in real-time, except for you? it's all happening in Post. Again, you are welcome. So far anyway, it appears to be about this sort of creature from space. That's him on the cover. His name is Snoggle. The girl who lives in the house where he is currently staying, named him. But that's about all i know so far. And here, you see me doing things that i was not going to do, because i wanted to just go and read, but when i saw that the book seemed to have no web presence, at least in terms of a cover, well. I just couldn't resist.

I'm a giver.

I give until it hurts.

Another thing we talked about was them Dandy Warhols. Well it was brief. But see, Jane Fonda was on Colbert tonight, and the warhols played at The Henry Fonda theater some time ago, and well, they're on tour right now, and playing with this dude, Tom Petty, which i'm sure many of you have heard of, but somehow, it all came together when again, brad discovered this old poster you know, from the show, and sure. We can't go. It's over and done with, but they are coming around. And that's the kind of thing i'm also willing to let you know about. To share with you. Because, as i've told you, i'm a giver. I give.

Also, tonight, i ate ravioli. The frozen (fresh) kind you buy at The Fairway. And I ate them while watching Jane Fonda on the television. Now that's not something you get to do every day, IF you think about it. And she was you know, pumping the ratings by keeping her lips all over mister colbert. Which, to be honest, I had some envy. Now i'm not saying i want to snoggle doodle doo with Jane Fonda, but there was something nice about it. You know, like a bit of history, and you know, she's not like all out of shape or anything. Folks don't look at Jane Fonda and say, "MY GAWD, what a TRAIN WRECK of a woman." Well. folks that get hung up on the whole Hanoi thing, but you know? That's got nothing to do with me. I'm Fonda Jane. (and so on)

That said, let me just stick a few random pictures in here to keep it on point, and go to bed and read for a while.

Did i mention i'm living in Trinidad? I thought it was Ditmas Park, but snooping around the internet, it turns out i'm technically in East Flatbush, which as it also turns out, is even safer then where i thought i was living. I love the islands mon.

Bueno Noches

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