buckling down

it's just a matter of starting the project. So i'm posting from the back to the front. Here's where i left off. I haven't had a chance to check the blog and see if there were votes on sequence yet, but i thought i'd just start from the oldest and go forward. Can't say as i'll keep that plan.

It's interesting, when you're immersed in work, and other things, how you don't really notice the news any more. It doesn't bother me one bit any longer what bush is up to. I mean, i mind, but there's nothing a guy can do about it. So what's the point of bothering? What's the point of worrying? Really.

So today i got a package in the mail. It was shipped to me back in March. And there was a cool spring-hat in there, but spring has come and gone, so i will have to wait until the next season to get some use out of it. It's cool though. Brown, crumples nice. could be derby, could be a Gilligan. could be whatever i want it to be. The package came torn open, and I can't say if it was complete, but it at least arrived. I mean, it came with a bunch of my mail from the old place too, which was interesting. I love it when a package that you were sure was lost suddenly appears at your feet.

Some of the pictures in today's update are like that. I mean, there were a lot of phones going through my fingers in the past little while, and there are some pictures from the phones on here today, i bet you can tell the difference. a TRUE pinner cam if i ever saw, is the cell phone. Not a lot of adjustment you can do with the one i have now, so i'm going to hunt for some "camera-phone" software, to sort of get the ability to JAM THE CURVES in my phone dawg.

Pretty much i'm falling over in my chair. The Sparks! got me this far, but i think it's the end of the line for me. So i want to say, some of the pix, you may have seen before. That's okay. They weren't how i wanted them to be tuned, or presented. But now they are. (you're welcome) I'll keep working that way until i see them all up there, the ones i wanna see again. That's my story. And you know what's funny?

Without thinking of it, it just happened this way. I have exactly 420 images left to work on for this update. Maybe a 100 a day until i gidder dunn.

Tuesday night i'm going to check out Finn playing with a full band at Pete's Candy Store in brooklyn. Long about 9:30 / 10. Come check him out. I'm sure it's going to be good times, even if it's raining. Which it probably will be. But hey, it ain't snow. And snow is on the way, sooner than later, and it's going to be cold and windy and all of that. And besides, when's the last time you saw Finn tear it up with a full band? I mean, think about it. WEEN. They play just Deaner and Gener style, you know? ...around the house. But when they wanna tear it up, the bring out The Band. And Tenacious D. You got Kyle and Jack, sometimes on the road by themselves. But let me ask you, when Dave Grohl is on the drums, do they tear it up a little more?! And listen. Don't worry about the rain, or the pending cold. Because you know what?

That's what Steak and Cheese GRINDERS are for. Mmmmm.... Steak & Cheeeese.

well listen, i'm gonna smoke a smiggy. Add some pictures to these words, and then wind it down.

good times,

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