Last night, I forgot it was wednesday. (It happens)And instead of being home, or in front of a TV because it was "project runway" night, I simply forgot that it was. Which worked out actually, because I went to CBGB's and saw Underdog and Bad Brains. Man. That was like going back to 1987, and heading out to a show just to tear it up. (except I'm not 17, I'm 36 and it's 2006, not 1987) UM, that was good times. The differences i noticed in going to a show like that are, the show ain't 5 bucks (try $40.00). And the age shows up in the muscles the next morning after spending your hours in the pit. Hey. I'm not complaining. It's been a long while since i've taken the time to just go push people around with all my might for a few hours. I really can't think of the last time that i've found myself moving around a room under the force and influence of several fairly burly skins and punks covered in tattoos, smoking the crappiest smelling grass i've smelled since i was a teenager.

And this morning? Everything has about 15 stops more bass in it. Bad Brains didn't skimp on the bass. Fucking sounded GREAT in there. And sure, my brown bocas got smashed to bits, (it happens) and i took a pretty square sock to the old eyeball from a dude who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, playing skank-skank-skank-then-punch! And i happened to be in the right place at the wrong time playing skank-skank-skank-Get-Punched-In-The-Face!

Regrets? No Way! Man, to hear Coptic Times, and Banned in D.C. at full bore while moshing around in the washing machine of people with the water on HOT and no detergent is one of the most cleansing, rebirths i've had in a long while. I left that little spot literally steaming.

No. I'm old. I couldn't go do that again tonight without wishing i'd spent more time considering my fitness. Kids today? They go to the gym man, and they can shove pretty hard. (Sure. Not harder than me, but these bands have been rocking like that since i was one of them kids, and so of course, the crowd had a good dose of people who remember those times just as well as i did.) It was damned good times.

I tried to take pictures, but the kid in me had another agenda, and the camera just wasn't working out as well for that. Maybe i'll check around on Flickr for some tags like "CBGB, Underdog, Bad Brains, NYC" later on...

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