gunner down

so i think i've got through that pile of shots dating back to the old edit you might recall. An edit i started on the 15th of October, and excepting for the Semi Precious Weapons show uptown back on like, October 1 or so, but you know, that's a handful of images (couple hundred anyway) so that's on deck for this week.

Some of the stuff you may have seen, that's coming from the days of the canned site, but now we're up to speed i say. Hoping to work on the SPW stuff early in the week, and then try to catch up with the rest of the month.

There's stuff in there that i shot with my phone too, i wonder if you can tell the difference when you look at 'em.

Ah. you know what it is, i just ate a really tasty cuban sandwich, and it's got in my way. I can't think of anything interesting to say. So, you know, i'm just not gonnoo.

i'll be back in a day or so. Maybe with some piss and vinegar, maybe i'll be praising the lord jesus himself. Who can say what i'm going to say when i get back on here? Really who?

You'll see some of shots from around my little hood, my dose. My little slice of home. My, what do you call that? I guess folks around here call it a "neighborhood". Their neighborhood. You know, all the neighbors... It's friendly like that. Wave to the dude across the way, have a nice little brunch out on the sidewalk. It's alright. I mean, some days there's crimes, other days their ain't. And hey, I do like the pictures. I hope you'll like them too. Oh, one picture i don't like, is that pic of them wolfmother ticket prices. Jesus, those guys can eat my britches. That's just too much. It's like trying to get tickets at MSG for Tenacious D. Just obnoxious.

So that said, winter is knocking at the door.

and i'm gonna go watch me some "cops".

good times,

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