But then i have to sleep. I've been spending time just being solo, which is nice. I don't have to go be any place, or do anything, which is also nice. I can just walk around, or stay in, or eat beans. What ever i like. Feels good. So, tonight, though i meant to take a long bubble bath and get to bed by say, 11, i took the time to at least get the edit into the bay. Sure. it took a minute. But if you consider that i shoot a lot of pictures, you can probably appreciate the delay. Considering my last post was on the 17th, i mean, my last real post. The 17th of September it seems. (my how the time flies) I've shot over 2000 images since then. So, after my big edit, i'm down to 533. And out of that, once i really look at them, i'm sure i can whittle it down quite a bit more. But i think i will post in sections, pieces, like i mentioned before, because i can't tackle the five hunny, just keep snapping. (miracle these little cameras hold up like they do) But that part doesn't happen tonight. Just the picking out a rough cut is what happened tonight. Tomorrow night, well. i'll probably get a dose up there, but which dose, i couldn't say. Which would you rather? the most recent first, or the most recent last?

lemme know

dTown | Listening to a fan | and apparently it is 43˚ outside. That means summer's over for reals i guess.