Alright, just trying to get through them. that's all. Not killing myself over it, but i got up to the SPW show, which by now is only like a month ago. I'm not concerned too much with sequencing, I mean, they happened. that's what happened.

Last night I was at this bar with this dude, and there were these other dudes in there, fucking drunk dudes, and they were all going on about politics, yelling at each other like a bunch of jack asses, I mean, they were for the most part in complete agreement with each other, but i think just wanted to see who could talk louder, and spout off more bullshit about topics they knew nothing about. For instance, "George W. Bush is a lousy president."

I don't see where the argument is there.

I mean, that's like arguing that water is made from water. WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

I was talking to my Nana this morning, and I forget how it came up, i think we were talking about how some neighborhoods suck, and it's a shame how because there's white people in or because there's black people in it, or because there's brown people in it, or whatever, it gets this bad rap as a bad neighborhood. And that TOO is a dumb arguement, but we weren't arguing. The part i wanted to get to was, she had said, "There's plenty of bad white people too." to which i replied, "No Crap Nana. I mean, look at that jack ass running the whole show!! Talk about ruin the neighborhood. Who wants to live at 1602 Pennsylvania now?!"

and here's where it gets good.

She says, "Oh I know it Danny. I tell you I feel sorry for that man. Having to deal with all these different things... It must be so difficult for him..."

Now. This is my Nana talking here, so i was just going to verify what she means. That is, she's a lady. She's 84, and she's always been pretty intelligent, but this was sounding like a serious case of Dumb-Ass.

"Nana. You mean George Bush?! Are you saying that you feel sorry for George W. Bush?! The PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES?!"

and she says, "Yes Danny. My god that poor man. Can you imagine what it must be like to be in his shoes?"


well. Lucky for me i'm in a slightly better mood today, because this post wouldn't be here. This blog wouldn't be here. And in about 4 or 5 days when the stench got really good, some one from my building would bust the door down to find me rotting away in the tub.

Feels sorry for George W. Bush.

As ol' Saint Francis would say, "I think i'm starting to lose it."

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