and lastly

I just want to say, it's been fun. Really. I enjoyed making the photos and typing the words. It's just, well. It's not fun any more. So i'm stopping with that for until i feel like it's fun again. I mean, don't get me wrong. I like taking pictures. I like writing words. It's the "Man i've GOT to get them pictures took, or MAN I've GOT TO write them words..."

Na. I really don't have to. I mean, I have to yes. but i don't have to get 'em off the camera, get 'em into a folder, edit them down, tweak 'em, resize 'em, sequence 'em, rename 'em, upload 'em, make links for 'em, or even have to say anything about 'em.

I just take 'em.

Same with the words. I'll just write 'em. But not on the "When are you ever gonna update your site again?!" time frame. I'll write when i wanna write. I'll take pictures when i wanna take pictures.

At least, that's the plan. But listen,
thanks. really. for checking back and poking around in my little scene. It was good times. Come back whenever suits ya.

this last update is like that. like always. some are good, some blow, but there they are. a walk in the life.

Good times.

listening to Morphine | maybe 40˚ or something.