Good Night Anna

You were my favorite rollercoaster rockstar celebrity. I even bought some of that TrimSpa water to mix with my Tab Energy and Corn Whiskey back in the day. There was something to the campaign. Something about making people envy you, or to be envied, or something, I can't recall what it was, but something. A way to make it simply delicious drinking TrimSpa Water. I hope your spirit lives on through the product. And I hope your life after death has at least as much scandal as Cobain or Monroe, because baby? You deserve it. Surely there was something shady going on. And it deserves as much speculation as Kennedy's mysterious death back in the day.

You know, this week I was only just starting to get really into your mini-series on the Entertainment Tonight tv show.

And now, you're gone. I really wanted to find out what kind of pills those were you seemed to be MANGLED on in those interviews. They seemed to really keep you mellow. My favorite moments were your come back with TrimSpa and the miles and miles of ads in the NY subways, The moment you fell off that bull at that bar out in LA, you know, on sunset, with the bull inside, there over by um... what is it, havenhurst. you know the one. The place with the plate of sliders. And of course, your success as a guess broad, you know, way back. But the memory that will live in my mind the longest, will be those last interviews. The one's i've been seeing lately since i'm "unemployed" and get to be home in time to see E.T. on the tv. You were so MELLOW. Really cool.

Well. I'm sorry you died. But it's pretty rock and roll. Good Hustle.

dTown listening to Stack O'Lees