mercury falls

it's not a whole lot colder, and winters here on the east side haven't been nearly as brutal as i remember them when i was a kid, though this is New York, and not New Hampshire, and I don't find myself huffing around in waste deep snow with soggy mittens ever at all really.

One thing that is cold this winter is my freezer. That fucker will freeze the hell out of anything you put in there. I was looking in there a few minutes ago, and it was solid.

Oh man. has it come to that? Trying to think of what to say?! Forcing stupid crap out there to pawn off as a "post"? So maybe it has. Maybe it's better to not say anything at all rather than to force something that plain old doesn't want to go. I mean, just this morning, (i know a paragraph belonged up there, but the thing is, if you go putting paragraphs everywhere, it makes the photos jump all over the place. You've gotta have some stretches with words in them to make 'em look nice, so you know, just hang in there.) I was sitting at my desk thinking about posts, and how mine have changed, you know, back in the day they were filled with links and info about stuff, i mean, not like engadget, but more like, oh i don't know, specific things. Maybe it was when i was more into politics, or more into taking drugs because then i'd go off on some tangent about something i saw, or something i'd read about somewhere, and i'd toggle back and forth between surfing around on the internet, editing photos and writing at the same time. Now i mostly sit here and go, "Look Connor, it's just 30 crappy little photos. Just Get Them Done, so you can get on to the next thing." Which is really not the same thing at all. I tell you what, i'm going to blame it on this house. It's got no vibe. I mean, it's nice enough. It's big enough, but I'll be damned if it's inspiring at all. From day one, i've had zero drive to do computer stuff in it.

baa. i'm just going to stop. this post fucking blows. And after all that talk about the cold it's actually like 50˚ outside, so why bother? I'll be back when i think of something to say.

d_ listening to "the new" modest mouse | 50˚