I made a different post earlier, but i didn't post it. Because it felt irrelevant when i was done with the pictures. I wrote it before i looked at any. That's what made it different. And it was dumb anyway. About cameras mostly. Which, who cares? It's not a tech site. If i'm going to talk about something, i'm going to talk about something i'm getting PAID to talk about. Like SkullCrushers, or that Christian Hosoi Movie. Those are things i'll talk about, but not right now. They're both good though.

Well. i'll say this. That movie, Rising Son, that's a good movie. But the soundtrack, that came with it, sounds is all wrong. And i would have to listen again, or double check or something, but all the songs on the movie? I liked 'em. I remembered them. And i remembered liking them. But the CD soundtrack of the movie? Na. Most of the songs were gay, and i hated them. And i don't mean gay like, "two guys bangin around with their pants off" I mean gay like, THE SONGS SUCKED. But that's not what i'm fixing to write about either. To be honest, i haven't thought about it any further than i ain't going to post what i wrote earlier, and so i'd better write something else.

These pix go back to the time of my last post. The time i hung up dTown to dry. The thrill was gone. But you know. It wasn't the thrill. It was a whole lot of other things all at once, and the website was the easiest thing to quit. To kill. It took up time, and wasn't giving me anything back. Now i'm killing other things instead. I'm going through them one at a time until i find the thing that's driving me nuts.

I've tuned most aspects of my life right down to about zero. I don't smoke, I rarely drink and hardly at all when i do, I don't burn, i don't take pictures, i don't go out, and i get my sleep. SO, that leaves only a few things. WORK and HOME. I tested out NO WORK this week. It helped, but i'm not sure that's it either. I think the issue has to do with HOME.

You know what they always say.

And my heart ain't in Trinidad. Well. Not in Trinidad, Brooklyn anyway. I've been back out to california a few times in the past month or two, and i've got a pretty good sense of where my heart is.

There's a few more updates coming here. But they're coming at my pace, so check back when you like. they'll get there. There's only about 130 images left in this update, so i should be able to knock them out (if i feel like it) by the front of the week.

And though i'm not all here, i'm glad to be here. For what that's worth.
not here here. but you know, internet here. here on the internet. that's what i mean.