Alba Kirky

You know, I've spent the past few hours trying to just do a Wang-Bang edit of all the video clips i've shot since leaving NYC, i've got about 80 of them, and the idea was i would sit and make a little nice something that streams, well. The original idea was that I would upload the little clips each day, and you would have a sort of running story line that was fun to watch, with some humor and some video, and you know that kind of thing. But It's been about 3 hours here, and i'm nowhere closer than i was when i was asleep at 8am this morning. It's a combination of my computer not having the balls, and me not having the patience i think, because the clips aren't very big, you know, a couple megs each, email sized, but it (the machine) spent an hour and a half just trying to figure out how to get the clips to the play head, (and so on) so i just clicked cancel, cancel, quit.

Today, I spent the day at the car shop, replacing the U-Joints in the drive shaft. $140 later, we still have the same problem, which is, basically, the drive shaft, has a knuckle, with U-Joints on either side. That whole assembly connects to the rear end and ultimately to drive the rear wheels. Well there's some play in the knuckle. So replacing the U-Joints was like buying some expensive insurance. The car (at low speeds) still shakes and rattles like the space shuttle coming in for a bumpy landing, but once we get up to about 65 or 70, it mellows out. I did find a place to get a new driver's seat which has been kicking my ass the whole way, and i'm going to go pick one up tomorrow, for $10. The seat i have now is completely worn out and i spend the whole day listing toward the door and at the day's end it feels like i've put the ol' spinal column in a wringer. So i'm going to take care of that tomorrow morning, and then head back up the trail to Santa Fe, where my sister "really" lives. (and all this time i was sure it was Albuquerque...) From there I will get back out on the road west to California and hope to land there over the weekend.

Gotta go get a bite to eat, but from here it's looking like all the photos between the last update and now are going to have to wait until i can get to California. I'm sad about it, but I think it's just too much on my plate after a long day on the buckboard so to speak.

These images were released earlier to ol' SuzyQ for review, and that's how it is that they're available for your observation today. One is my car shot from above on a county road in Forrest City, Arkansas and the other is a shot of her up on the lift getting a new return line affixed to the gas tank.

more soon.

_dTown | listening to Snakebite (Ram Trilogy) | Econo-Lodge, Downtown Albuquerque NM