The Charity Event 2k7

Along with my move, comes The Great Charity Event of 2007. It's not really a black-tie $5,000.00 a plate kind of thing. This is much more like a, "dTown needs a hand unloading some ballast" kind of thing. And this is where you, the viewer, the friend, the cohort, comes in and says, (to yourself) "You know, Ol' dTown's always been there for me. I see he's in a pinch right now, trying to move all the way to the left side, and shoot, he's gotta get new stuff. New furniture. New Silverware. New all kinds of stuff. And willickers, if I get in on this charity event, and buy up some of these ol' dTown artifacts he's got here in New York, i've got a little bit of dTown history, AND i'm helping a brother out. I'm supporting the ARTS. I'm keeping HOPE alive. It's like saving them damned Hoot Owls. Or getting that politician into office..." And you all know how important it is to put the right person in the right place at the right time.

So when you're checking the listings, don't ask yourself, "do i really need this ITEM?" because it's not about the item. It's not about the couch or the table, It's about the fella who's trying to make them go away. It's about that dude who put New York in your lap, hook, line and sinker. Low Res, all the way.

Here are a few links to the things i'm talking about. Have some fun, don't dawdle, and you know, dTown is open to donations too. So if that cheap-ass toaster you wanted is already sold, don't feel left out in the cold. There's plenty of good will to be bought up. Dig Deep. This is one of the rarest of times. Here is yours truly standing face first, and palms up.

And hey, seriously now. I thank you for your support.

Good Times,

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