Santa Fe South

Word. So I found my sister, out in the hills out of town in Santa Fe. Got REALLY stuck in the mud, and all around, very contrasty times. The drive shaft turned out to need an extra day in Alba-Kirky, and another 150 bones to rebuild the little guy, but the car is fine and running good and quiet now. I spent a couple of days with my sister, the car was not into running at all yesterday mostly because of the elevation and moisture. Woke up to a few snow squalls yesterday, but today it's in the 70's and sunshiny so i'm hoping to get ma'rump back onto the 40 and heading west. There's much more to say about all of it, but i'm anxious to get on the road, it's already coming on 1 in the afternoon, and not only was i thinking i'd be rolling into San Rafael tonight, I was pretty sure i'd be rolling out of Santa Fe by around 10 this morning... Just gonna keep this one short and get my ass out there on Ye Olde Road ta'Home.

love and miss most of you,

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