butter & eggs

Over the weekend I seized the opportunity to climb a volcano. I didn't make it. I mean, I made it, but I really got into some worrisome terrain while I was doing it. You see, The Volcano is this special vaporizer. Now, some folks may say, "oh. you know, the vaporizer doesn't do anything for me." or, "I don't believe in vaporizers" or something like this. But I'm here to tell you today, that yes. There are vaporizers our there which are capable of reminding you what it's like to go One Toke Over The Line. (ha ha!) Now, there's been a few BBQ's on my daily planner this past week, but the one where I succumbed to The Volcano is one for the books. I managed to kick off all the switches in the ol' brain and grab a seat in absolute blindness for a good little while. It was sunny out, and there I was in nature surrounded by a bunch of other folks who were conscious of the sun, but I was not. I was in a light-tight dark-room of near panic, and it wasn't as good times as other good times i've had, but it was nice to get smacked on the nose with the humblestick. To really understand the term, Sonoma Coma.

When I came back around, I was wiser for the experience, and ready to eat some tri-tip steak off the grill. But there was a good solid little while where even I became concerned that my eyes were not going to turn back on, and you know, when you make pictures all the time, the eyeballs aren't something you want to take for granted.

Still thinking about how long it took (or seemed to take) before I was back to normal vision, there was a stretch of being about 5 or 6 stops down, but on the rebound I was seeing everything blown out, high-key, maybe 5 or 6 stops over which, although flattering for the skin tones, wasn't going to aid me with navigation to a nearby couch. So I just relaxed.

Which is kind of what you do when you live here. You just relax for a spell.

I relaxed a bit more today, though I did go out and pick up a little stereo to replace the cheapy speakers i've been rocking since i moved here. Nothing too special, just a little amp, some little bose, and a little sub to kind of round it out. You'll see them on and around my desk at the end of today's scroll. By the time you see the scroll, they will have been arranged in a some way that will be decidedly more discrete.

Other news? HEY! i think some pix didn't make it into the scroll, let me just go investigate that.

(insert mental search lasting only minutes)

HUH. it's true. They didn't. Not sure why that happened. But maybe they'll make the next round. STRANGE. There are some beach ones, and some other stuff, but the one I wanted to mention was how i got pulled over again. Different town, same situation. Cop comes flying out of nowhere and right up my ass lights a blazin' and sure enough, he says the reason he's pulled me over is that my trailer hitch is obstructing the view of the license plate. (which, is horsecrap, but at least they've got an excuse for pulling me over) Thing is, that's the 2nd time i've been pulled over in 10 years, and it's also the 2nd time in 2 weeks, and both times they say it's the trailer hitch. (interesting how nobody noticed that between brooklyn and here...) So naturally i'm going to take it off, but as you may have seen in pictures of yore, it's on their PRETTY GOOD. In fact, I'd say it may be rusted on there for keeps.

(insert physical investigation regarding these missing images)

Alright. I see what's happened. Somehow 4 of the pix didn't make it onto the scroll. And i really can't be going back in there and putting them on now, because they belong in the front, and well, it's not that big of a hassle to do it, but i'm just not going to. (because then i'll find out i missed like 20 more pix)So here's what i'm willing to do.

(insert mental realization that one of the missing pix would have been a more appropriate splash image)

As a compromise, I'll put the 4 pix that somehow missed the scroll right here.

So there's me riding out to the beach right? And on the way to the beach, i observed the gnarliest bike wreck i've ever seen with my own two eyes (including when i completely ate shit riding home from Sd and broke my collarbone coming off the Manhattan Bridge). See, this girl was hauling balls on her little spendy touring bike, and she did a full air-over-the-bars style face plant.(actually, it was more of a grind.) No time to get the hands out, and she wasn't like, "light as a feather" if you catch my drift. So she came down you know, broken nose and some teeth style right smack in front of us. What a bloody mess she was. But you know, you've got to watch your speed.

So then, after that, some beach. Good times. I watched this big ass dog bowl over a couple kids because he was off leash, and that really created a ruckus. Then I went back to town and hung out with Ye Olde Victor, where upon, after leaving I was allowed to show my license, registration, and proof of insurance to San Rafael's Finest. It really bothers them somehow that i'm just a white guy with all my ducks in a row. I guess the car, (finally properly named BTW) Good Ol' Rusty Brown, just loves to catch the attention of Them Fuzz. So there's a little sequence you would've missed.

Now then, i'm tired enough that my eyes are watering, so I won't be updating the archives tonight, or putting up a little tutorial for you to watch, but both of those things are coming soon.

Good Times,

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