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Nice. Kept it local today. I was starting to feel a little bananas about this desk hunt i've been on since moving here. Seemed the desks were being ever-elusive. They were just there, but then, somehow, just out of my grasp. Came really close today. It was one of those moments where i even considered driving some distance into the east bay, not far, but you know, OVER the bay. So, crossing the bay. Going around the bay. Some sort of navigation involving me, the roach (my pet name for "brownie", which you know i've never been to sure about.) and the bay. Well so we biodieseled it instead, up into the hills here to see this desk. An old Tanker Style desk. You know the government steel ones from like, WWII up until probably sometime before Gee Dubya One, Operation Desert Storm (starring Norman Schwarzkopf as Stormin' Norman America's favorite Arab Killin' "John Wayne" on Fox TV's hit war series of the '90-'91 season.)*

*I Digress.

We went up there, and the desk was in a very sorry state of repair. It was much like discovering an old military relic, in a field behind some war vet's home, covered in tar and cracking and peeling away from the top down. Like as if, at some point, the desk itself had seen time, either in WWII or maybe Gee Dubya One Operation Desert Storm (starring Norman Schwarzkopf as Stormin' Norman America's favorite Arab Killin' "John Wayne" on Fox TV's hit war series of the '90-'91 season.) And maybe that desk was on the episode where that wacked out cuckoo bird leader of the terrorist group (then known as) Iraq, was going around burning down oil fields. Oil wells. Oil fields. Oil getting all up in the Ocean, all over everything. And like this desk, had some how got a shit-load of oil dumped on it, and then, it came back, maybe with the guy who had been driving it over there for the 3 or 4 months it took to finish the war season, and then it had just been baking out in the yard ever since.

I said, "NO. I'm not going to take it." But the woman speaking on behalf of the man inside, surely the vet, he himself with a bit of The Tainten'im (using the parlance of the times) she was going to try and make us take it anyway. Like we'd seen it, so now we own it. Like watching that movie The Ring, except somehow this one was about an old desk and The Gulf War.

We escaped. THANK JESUS. GOD BLESS AMERICA. UNITED WE STAND. THESE COLORS DON'T RUN. FEAR THIS. (and so on) We went back to the Art place downtown and ate cookies and organic grapes. FREEDOM.

Well anyways. (I love to pluralize "anyway", it's subtle. It's like there's actually a few more ways than ANYway.) But ANYWAYS...

I get to talking with This Artist in the Art Place, and we get to talking about Banksy, and how we could rip him off and make some money. Or like, how the government is totally in on it. (you know, Banksy's success. Like, the government lets us have our Banksy, so we don't rat them out for all the shenanigans going down on capital hill and stuff like this) BUT NOT REALLY. And she says, you know i've got some stuff just up the road a bit and we can take a look, maybe there's something you could use, right?

So sure, we go up there, and Bob's Your Uncle, There it is! Smack there sitting on the concrete driveway, (which looks nothing like a scene from the Gulf War, there's no like, Oil around or, I don't know. Anything. It's like plants, and some flowers, and I can see a soccer field and some mountains, a pool, you know. Stuff like that. NICE things. Not WAR things.) But there on the concrete is a DESK. And it's a NICE one. Executive style. Not Schwarzkopf's Lackey style. It was great. A little pollen on it, and that's it. Looks very much like the one I had back in Trinidad, but FREE. NOICE!

So that was a good day. And I gotta tell you. I ain't gettinboar'da those.

THE POINT IS: I didn't have to drive anywhere. It was all right here. Right up the block. NO involvement with The Bay. I didn't interact with it. I didn't pollute it with my presence. I was ACTIVE in protecting my environment. And i did it without any disappointing side effects. I actually SAVED cash, and got what i was looking for. I helped to save the world and was rewarded handsomely. Thanks Stephanie, way to ROCK IT OUT. The dTown workspace will be an official workspace again, and the dTown dining table will be used for dining, and eating. (things like that)

Good Times,

have ya'seff a good weekend, and try to stay loco.

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