It's not that i'm incapable of figuring the code to make the pictures a little smaller, and then wrapping the text around them either to the left or to the right. There's something about those two pix stacked in the center that made me seriously consider just making a totally new post. I mean, you have a picture with some massive redwood trees, and then a picture of a pretty burly fire truck, and underneath it says, "to be continued" which can be taken any number of ways, so why would i fuck with that? But the thing is, I don't maybe wanna be taken any number of ways. And so I get to figuring, "why make people wonder what the hell you mean by that?!" Which I guess is part of my own learning curve, because really, I don't have to worry about what you wonder when you see the pictures and the words. That's never been the point. It's always been about "these are my pictures, these are my words." With an option to just change any of them around whenever I like. So it's possible that tomorrow these words won't even be here. (ha ha. NO. I saw them pix without text wrap. NOT gonna happen.)

I just got back from seeing that movie, THE HOST. Which I really enjoyed. I've been wanting to see it for a while, and tonight it got to happen. I really liked how it was like 15 movies in one. It didn't try to be any specific type of movie, and in the end I think we all agreed it is destined for cult classic status as easily as Donnie Darko and Howard the Duck.

The pictures in the recent post are about me taking a day or two off again. (yes. it takes a few days off to recover from the toxicity of driveinitis but the good news is, I am recovering and it is likely I will work again one day. The weekend was spent with nature, with little kids, with steaks on the bbq, with friends. I am reminded daily of how much of those elements had been completely left out of my daily life while working in NYC. I can assure you, I now know there are much more important things in the world than making some other person rich. Funny how I hadn't clued in on that one yet, but i'm grateful to have that knowledge now.

I've been giving a lot of thought to the pictures lately, the capabilities of the pinnercam, and the point of it in the first place. It's not really meant to make these 500 pixel tall images, which, sure, it can do, but i feel like something gets lost when they're not smaller, more compressed. I feel like the 400 pixel height was working nicely. My vote is not yet totally IN on this yet, but it's something i've been looking at and thinking about. Been thinking about a lot of things actually. Every day is like a full course meditation on The Point of It All. I'm grateful for the friends who are here and being present, as well as for those of you I've left behind who are still present each day for me to talk with and tune in to. Here you can see a picture of my little town. That's pretty much it. This is where i live now, and the contrast between here and trinidad (east flatbush) is sometimes an overwhelming, but always fresh breath of air.

One thing i've rediscovered since returning here is how very fragile everything is. How extremely temporary everything can be, and the speed with which everything can suddenly be flipped completely onto its ass. In NYC I think the same was true, but the fact is everyone was just too damned busy trying to stay ahead of the wolves to even pay attention to what that all really means. Here, I have a minute or several in a day to really think about what it means to me to be here, to be present, to be mindful of my friends who are no longer here, and the significance as well as the simplicity of it all.

So sure. It's good times. It's the best of them, even when it's just me and this sticky ol' keyboard.

Keep your chins up and let your friends know you love 'em while you got 'em.

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