ground hog

It's like in that movie. the one with bill murray. every day he wakes up, and there he is. I always remember that movie, because it was ground hog day, but it came out on valentine's day. I remember because I went with my girlfriend to that on opening day, and we laughed our asses off, and it was fun. And when you're laughing your ass off and having fun, AND it's valentine's day, well... THEM'S GOOD TIMES. But that's kind of like what's going on here. I mean, some days I still step in the puddle, and there's that guy going, "watch that first step... it's a daaa-hooooooozy!" and still there i am with slush on my shoes, except, here of course, NO SLUSH. So it's just like, I wake up and it's good times. Even like when i did Tax Day. That started out like slush on my shoes, but in the end? Good Times.

Today was a day filled with friends and solace. The front half was all me. I woke up from a dream filled to the gills with stuff, like a big black tornado, some Semi-Precious-Weapons, Pimpin' out the Olds, Running on a beach, I mean, it was one of those Nicotine Patch Dreams that only the nicotine patch can do for you. So for breakfast? That's a great start.

Then a slew of friends came by. Cobo, The Whizz, PP, even SV & her little boy. I had a great carnitas burrito & one of them mexican bottled cokes I love. GOOD TIMES i tell you. Then we drove on down to the city, went to Chrissy Field, poked around the Observatory, and then out to The Presidio. After that? I walked from the Presidio on out across the bridge and down into Sausalito. I'll tell you, THAT is a long walk. But not a long walk like walking from williamsburg through bedstuy to redhook. It was nothing like that, because it's fresh air, and no fear THE WHOLE WAY. I loved it. Even if my legs were like, "what the hell are you trying to prove?!" Which they weren't, because i'm powerfully built, but if they were, it wouldn't have mattered. I've walked the bridge many times before, but i've never done the walk up and the cool down on the other side. It was great to just be me, alone, and walking in the fog with the friday night wind blowing through the cypress and eucalyptus. Flowers everywhere, I can't really say that enough to get the point across, but really, EVERYWHERE.

Then when i got home? The new California driver's license. It's official. I'm here. I'm in. I'm ONE OF THEM. And man, it feels nice. Many highlights in a day like today. Some as simple as an email with a couple pictures of a pomeranian in it, and others more complex, like the piece of paper my license was attached to, and at the top it said, "ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Governor State of California" ha ha. Imagine that.

Now i've just had some delicious strawberries and even a tasty orange. I'm listening to Spy Radio, which now they call Secret Agent, but it's the same thing, and I'm winding down for the night. THAT is a good day no matter how you look at it. Oh, and i figured out about the links thing I was talking about yesterday. I didn't put any links in today, but you'll see next time. I saw what i gotta do.

sQ, I haven't forgotten you. It was just an event filled day, but you're on my list. I promise.

Love and all the good stuff.

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