i'm still here, and i'm still making pictures, and i'm still gathering furniture, and i'm still tuning down from the NYC vibe, which I would say on the whole is going really well, but I noticed the other day that it had been like a week since i've updated anything, and I keep sitting down to get to that edit, but then something else catches my attention. One day it's something on NotCot, the next it's those videos from the Toxic Brooklyn series, and today it was the release of the Magnetic Baby podcast on iTunes. I've got to tell you there's a million different things that can pull me away from the edit. Like the other night I spent a few hours just rooting through the YouTube drum solos. It all started with this Terry Bozzio one, and then from there, i just gave the next 6 or 7 hours to DRUM SOLO! who knew?

Then there was the desk. Getting the desk up here, buffing it out, tuning it in and creating the new workspace. Oh, and then Napa. Getting up to the grapes and spending some time with little Brady, (he turned 2 yesterday) and just being the the grass for a lawnmower made of kids. A bunch of other stuff too. You know, getting hangers for the clothes, hanging the clothes, putting cut flowers on the tables and desk, oh, there was a day or two of dealing with digital asset management, (HA HA) my drives were getting a little overstuffed here, so that was actually a big chunk of the past two days. Weeding out the dupes and extras and redoing the back ups, you know stuff like this...

It's healthy. It's good for me. Finding whatever it is that's pulling me this way or that, and just going with the flow of it. But don't worry. Check back again, and probably sooner than later, i'll have some new pix up. They're here. So i'll put 'em there.

dTown | Listening to Semi-Precious-Weapons | 55˚ and puffy clouds.