It's nice to have a regular ol' day. Today was kind of like that. I mean, it was "do the taxes" day, but you know in the end, it was kind of a regular day. Still adapting to the environs. I mean, I really can't get used to the idea that it's okay to step into the street and the cars will really just stop. You have to be careful not to just step in the street by accident. Everybody just stops. When i was back in the city, I used to be one of those guys that lead way out there. The furthest from the curb so i could get a jump on the cars when the light turned to my favor. You can't do that here. People just stop and wait for you to go.

It's really nice actually, but it's an adjustment. A calibration. Another thing i'm sort of getting used to is walking down the street and seeing block after block of homes and buildings with absolutely NO graffiti on them. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate some graffiti, (OBVIOUSLY) but it's really really nice to see that when someone buys a house, and they paint it a certain way, it's still that way even when I walk by it years later. It's nice that not EVERYTHING has to have scrawled black drippy tags all over it. It makes me happy. I smile a lot. Another thing that makes me smile a lot is the lack of trash all over the god damned place. It's flowers, and it's clean, and it's sunny and it's nice. Fine. Make me soft. I've had my share of the grit. I appreciate it nice. It suits me better.

There was something else too, but i can't recall what it was now. I did see a cool video today which i also appreciated. That guy Geoff McFetridge has his shiznit together. Oh yea. I remember now. Hot tubbin out under the trees in the night. Wow. haven't done that in a minute. It was great man, put my nekked rump in some hot hot water under the california live oaks. Just takes the edge off I tell you. No sirens, nobody honking their horns the MOMENT the light turns green, or red, or yellow. Oh, no. that's not what i wanted to say. I wanted to say, I bought myself a nice Pink Jasmine vine yesterday for the lightwell in my apartment. It smells delicious. Reminds me of california every time I smell it wafting through the kitchen & bathroom windows. The sweetest smell in my little world. I've loved that smell since the first time I smelled it, back in March of '87 when I was a runaway punk rock kid, suddenly chillin' in Palo Alto. mmm mmm goood.

It's very good times. Even in the good times like this, I often find myself STILL angry about the way ol' Bacon did it back on September 12 those years ago (*scroll on down to september 12 from that link and work your way up if you're a newcomer). I was thinking about that while i was toweling off my feet this morning actually. It was just the wrong way to do a guy, and I probably won't forget it until they ZAP it out of me, but it is what it is. I guess that's why they call it emotional scarring. I've got that one for keeps. Too bad too, because I always really liked that dude. Busted my fucking ass for that guy. But now I know. Even if it's sunny, and it's pretty, and there's flowers, don't trust NOBODY.

ha ha ha!
man, now THAT'S good times.

*quick note. I'm discovering tonight that the "new" blogger won't let me make the links pop in a new tab for you. I'm sorry about that, and i'll look into it, and then i'll fix it. But for now, it's okay for you to navigate away from my page to look around. I'll still be here.

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