three twenny

I sure didn't expect to be up this late, there were just a few things going on that kept a man from "gettin' it done" earlier. Like for instance, earlier tonight I went downstairs to get some fresh air while the actions were running on the photos, you know, taking them from like 28MB each to you know, like 56k or so. Putting 'em all in a neat little folder for me. But I got down there, and as soon as the door closed, i remembered that i had left my keys on the table back upstairs. So there was that. It took me a while to fix that problem too, because it was already late, and i didn't want to go waking anybody up, and after a few laps around the building, it was clear that either everyone had gone to bed in my building, or at least, i was the only one with any lights on. I wrestled with the door for a while, tried various ways to circumnavigate the lock, but in the end, it was monkey style on the underside of the fire escape, and upsa-daisy to the top where the door was slightly ajar. Now, if that door had been locked, it would have been no problem for me to get in, but that one down in the front? Well. You just need the right tools. All i had to my avail was some spent cardboard and an old umbrella someone had left hanging on a parking meter.

So there was that. And then, on account of a few little errors I made yesterday moving some files around and so on, there were a fair amount of permissions issues, and little conflicts with my droplets, that had me logging in and out of multiple users, and ultimately just making new action sets and new droplets all around.

In the end, all that extra doody-doody yields a better workflow and workspace all around for ol' dTown, so it was worth it. And i have to admit, walking the blocks up and downtown here at 2 in the morning is a far cry from LES or even Trinidad at 2am. I'll make a picture next time i'm out that late and not locked out and happen to have my camera. There are no people. There are no cars. In fact, there aren't even any cars parked on the street, all the way down. In both directions. It's hard to imagine that but there it is. I walked about 10 or 15 blocks in both directions just trying to come up with an idea better than going monkey style under the fire escape, a couple of times i walked the blocks, and out of maybe 40 minutes of walking, I saw only 3 people. Hanging around in front of the Rafael Theater, smoking cigarettes and standing around a small puddle of vomit on the sidewalk, each person talking with someone else on their cellphones.

The other day a friend of mine was saying that every time they go to my website, they only see like 1 new picture, (and sometimes it's 2, you know, if you roll over it.) and that's something i had never considered. There are people out there that just don't know what to make of the site, how the navigation works, all that stuff. So I got this new software yesterday that will help with that, and I will make a little dTown Tutorial on the how to, and what-fors of my site, that you can just go to and check out when nobody's looking.

We had some rain yesterday, (the 19th) and I walked around in it for a while. It wasn't really "rain" like in the sense that, there are massive raindrops filling the sky and causing roads to flood or even really get puddles in them. It was more of an upgraded mist. Not even really mist, because, as an eyeglass wearer, mists are my least favorite precipitations. This was a "you don't have to wipe your glasses, even though it's moist outside" style rain. And then back to normal this morning with the blue skies i'm paying for.

Got my new shuffle today. Gotta hand it to apple. I didn't think they'd engrave a second iPod shuffle with "kill whitey" but I guess they're just all automated now. I wonder what else you could get apple to engrave on the back of your iPod and get away with. The only reason i went with "kill whitey" in the first place was i had had a friend some years ago trying to get them custom nikes they were making, and under the swoosh instead of nike, he wanted "sweatshop" and Nike turned him down and gave him his money back. So i just wanted to see how Apple would handle something like that. Seems like they really don't mind, so long as you're a payin' customer. I appreciate that when i'm getting something "personalized". I don't like when i want to do something and somebody upstairs says, "Nuh-Uh" like, if you have to get a new password, but all the things you want to use for a password are unacceptable. I mean, it's MY password. I'll be the judge of what's acceptable. It makes me go bananas when they (the people that insist on complex passwords) need me to come up with a password that i'm sure to forget. My bank did that, nice bank, but this whole, name your first car, name your first pet, name your 1st elementary school, name your school mascot, bla bla, before you can just get logged in to your account? Man. i got burned on that a few times. My first car? 1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII. That part of my story doesn't change at all, but somehow, my bank kept telling me i was wrong. And of course, they aren't authorized to tell me what it should be. I mean, everybody's first car is their first car. How could you forget it? Well, finally we got it all sorted out. I've got a way that i remember everything. (except my keys) What i've done is i've come up with a series of passwords that have nothing to do with the questions. Crafty right? Man that took me a while to come up with, but i thought it was genius.

Now and again I talk to New York, and it's always a good time just to catch up with some folks and get a feel for the pulse of it, and there are moments that I miss, sure... but man, we got KICK ASS BURRITOS out here. So, i'm stayin.

I gotta lay it down for now, but you have a good time whatever you're doing. Check out the pix, and check back whenever you like.

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