Eff Minus

Welp hurrow, today i'm handing in my grade on the Nikon D200. It's not a good one. It gets an Eff Minus. Now, i'm not saying that Nikon doesn't make a good camera, that's just not how i feel. But what i will say is that my little Canon A640 kicks the bloody piss out of the D200 every single time i compare them. I just spent quite a while going through pix from the weekend and last week, and yesterday i used the D200 pretty much exclusively, and i'm the opposite of impressed. Now, some folks might say, "well. Are you sure you're using it properly?" ha ha. I love that kind of stuff. Sure. I'm using it properly. I turn it on, I press the button. That's about as properly as it should be.

Now, my issues are with its failure to capture color with consistency, meter with accuracy, and release the shutter when i press the button. Now, i've had some cameras in my day. I've got some experience with digital and the process and all of that, so believe me, i've gone through it with this camera. I'm not like some marin housewife who just decided one day that the best camera for me would be the Canon EOS MkII. I've got a handle on it. But the fact is, the images are soft, distant horizons don't render any detail. There is color noise in details, horizons and chrome and stuff like this pushes hard toward purple. That's what i'm saying. For camera that costs 4 or 5 times what my daily driver cost, plus lenses, i'm expecting some results that at least COMPETE with the $300 kid brother.

but that's just me. I'm going to give it my undivided attention for a minute today, but I will say, i've given it some undivided attention a few times since i've had it, and so far it's never made amends.

In other news? hey. it's sunny. it's warm. it's pretty. food's cheap. it's good times.

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