Finally get the go-go juice to setter down and fill in the little box for words, but it turns out that when i get their i'm tied. Ha ha. It's just passed 4:30 in the a.m. on Saturday, but the thing is, for me, every day is Saturday, so it's aight to stay up late on some of 'em and get things caught up. There's a Natty Ice, but by now it's just room temp dregs. I'll have to get another on Saturday, in another few hours.

Really at a loss for the words on account of the being so tired by now, but i do want to mention that I got out to McClures Beach the other day. That's pretty much my favorite beach out here. I mean, there are other really nice ones, but this one is the one that I always like to go to. It's been my favorite beach for probably 15 years by now. So many great memories, plus it's just beautiful beyond you know, the standard A plus-plus Point Reyes style beach. It's got all these Elk on the cliffs above the beach, and it's a pretty little peninsula between Tomales Bay and the Ocean, and it's far enough away from the regular folks that its easy to find yourself completely alone on the beach for the whole day. On top of that, it's a gorgeous drive, a gorgeous hike, and even on a foggy day it's more beautiful than just about anyplace, but on a sunny day? Better bring some adult diapers. It's quite RELAXING.

Still finding myself making photos of things without graffiti on them. I am so conditioned to seeing a tag on every thing in site, and now I am dumbfounded at the great expanses of walls and benches and work trucks and panel wagons and trash cans and mailboxes and just everything there is in anytown USA, except MINUS all the tags. So strange that i'm still getting used to that.

A lot of times when I take pictures of just the sides of buildings or other not very interesting types of things, it's really because i can't believe someone didn't just come along and spray paint all over it. And then like, someone else didn't decide to come along and spray paint over that and then someone else comes and... And another thing that i'm actually getting used to without much problem, is the trash makes its way into the trash cans instead of just all over the god damned place. I'm thinking back now to the time I had a massive long scroll of just overflowing trashcans and trash cans with most of the trash outside of them on the streets and flowing into the gutters. My LORD that was a night.

Meanwhile ol' Rusty Brown is still tearing it up. Folks were saying before I left NYC, "man, you're crazy. That car will never make it." (*comments dumbed down for mainstream consumption) But the thing is, the car totally made it. And it completely and totally makes it every time i get in it. It's awesome. Good Ol' Rusty.

And that's my story. I'm gonna lay it down now.

Good Times,
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