i've got this kink in my neck. I was caught in a whirlwind for a week there. The astrologers say we got a new moon on thursday night. Whew. It's one of those I think, stress kinks. I did get a bed frame last week that turned out to be too small for the mattress. Simple mistake. Worked out a remedy, but it could be the bed that gave me the kink. It's always been a comfortable mattress, just real low to the ground. But it might not be the bed. I've been trying to figure out which it is, and was even thinking of putting the bed on the floor tonight to see if it made a difference. If it did, well. I'd have to say it was probably the bed. Because the whirlwind I was caught in, well. It wasn't like worse than other stressful times in my world.

Like, there was a time when my eyes would shut off if I got to taxed. It wouldn't have to be like, someone yelling at me, or you know like, The Mortgage or something. It could be like, working on a project with a deadline. Confident you can get it done, but you ain't gonna do it half way, so you know, you're cranking it up a notch. Firing up the nitros and gassing into the turns. When that would happen, my eyes would just go to snow and then click off. The snow part might be like 10 seconds and then just fading out, like if you're going to pass out. But you're not nauseous or anything, you're just you know, kicking off the monitors for a bit.

Ha. I remember the first time that happened, it was because i'd been drinking too much, and probably not eating enough. I think I was 17. I was on a beach in Maine, with a bunch of my punk rock friends. I remember I was with my favorite like, post highschool / pre college girlfriend, Brenda. Woooo, that was a pretty girl. My God. Well anyways.

We were out on the beach and I went totally blind. It was so awesome. Not in a good way, but like, WOW. Everything else was totally fine. I wasn't dizzy or weak or sleepy, just my eyes shut off. Stayed like that for about half an hour. Ha Ha!

Well. It wasn't a week like that. The week before was pretty nice, some wind and cool nights, but it got toasty and rocked the good sun all over the place, even getting hot a few times, last week being the hottest. SO NICE. I like a good hot sun. Feels good on the bones.

The pix in today's update cover elements of my time between the last and now. I notice i don't take as many photos in a day, like i used to but I am conscious of the images as I pass them. Especially at night. When I stroll around the block at night I see hundreds of pictures, and always wonder why I take the evening constitutional sans-camera. I think I like to just look at the pictures. Not think about them in photoshop getting shrunk on down or criticized. I keep thinking I will make a night of it one time and roam around making pictures of all the things i've been noticing at night and during the day times as well. One fell swoop.

But that I think only works with static things. It's nice to take pictures with people in them too. People are cool to look at. I mean, that's nothing new. People talk about "people watching" and you know, there's TV and movies and stuff. People like to look at people. But it's cool to take pictures of people, and add them to the piles of other pictures of people, kind of making this or that particular person for at least a moment, one of those people. "The people in the pictures." Like one of them actors in the talkie.

Like Paris Hilton. Everybody is Paris Hilton the moment I take their picture. The moment I post their picture on the scroller, they are Paris. Each and everyone of them.

I didn't even know she got sent back to the slammer. It came up today. How could I have missed that? Well, in my defense, I wasn't looking at the internet a whole lot over these past days, but seriously. That's so cool they sent her back. I tried to imagine what it must be like for her. How traumatic, the poor thing. She may be sort of a laughing stock for mainstream america, but you know, imagine. She's used to a very priveledged life, and you know, never thought this sort of thing could happen to her. And now she knows, and although she deserves to be punished for her crimes, and maybe for a few other things that have been let to slide, but ...

She's probably bummed. I'm sure she'll be fine. Hopefully this will make it clear to her the choices she can make with her life that could be more helpful to the world. Maybe she becomes the next Mother Theresa. What do i know? This could be the big sea change for her.

Well. I don't know. I mean, 10 minutes ago I was outside looking at the blinking lights and thinking, "man. you gotta write SOMETHING" but i couldn't think of a thing to say. Next thing I know it's Paris this, and Paris that. So I guess i've said my fill.

Ya'll be nice to each other. (one love brudda. one love)


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