and boy are my arms tired... Today's images should bring us up until this past friday night, June 1st. The eve of Artrageous!™ and ArtRager!® here in SR. There's also a bit in the middle there from a few mondays ago. I was like, off a little bit on the calendar setting in the camera, but it was monday. Believe me. I was there. What makes those pix cool is they're just like, straight out of the camera you know? no fiddling with 'em. And that made me think about not fiddling with anything again, but you know that's not the nature of cameras. Even if i wasn't shooting digital, i'd at least spend a minute or two in the darkroom on each one (massive understatement) but I mean, you know. I thought about doing the ol' Straight Print Style with these images, and in the end Shewzy helped me to understand there's only one way to do my own work. My Way. (*editors note: There is no HALF way in MY way.)

I will say though that there were a few omissions regarding detail in today's update. See if you can figure it/them/? out. Like a little puzzle. A little sudoku or whatever. You know. That numbers game that folks like to play when they on da'train.

(for those in the know, read the words on da'train above as though you just heard me saying, "bacon n' eggs!" and you'll be properly calibrated to the tone here)

My brain is taking a crap inside my head right now so i'm going to minimize the chatter and let you get to it. More pix coming soon, and i'm hopin' sooner than the later. Oh, another thing I wanted to say about them 100 in the middle, with the time stamps, you might notice they only cover the work hours. Its like Genius. (except it's completely coincidence. but some people say there's no such thing as coincidence. So it's like Genius, which is what i was saying) So there's a rare glimpse at raw genius. Now thems some refind skils.


gonna nap now. been listening to NIN tonight, along with RATATAT, and Arcti... Hey. I don't have to tell you what i'm listening to anymore, because it says what i'm listening to right there in the sidebar. JESUS. That's GENIUS! Well it's 57˚ and it's way past ma'bed time.